The Accessories BUNDLE - Pens & Highlighters

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Revitalize your planning routine with The Accessories BUNDLE – the ultimate set of journaling pens and markers. This collection features dual-tip pastel highlighters and a 12-pack of multicolor 0.5mm pens, perfect for adding a touch of creativity to your Daily Grind Planner. Say farewell to dull office supplies and hello to vibrant organization. The dual-tip highlighters offer precision and versatility, while the 0.5mm pens bring a spectrum of colors to your pages. Elevate your planning game, infuse your schedule with flair, and shop The Accessories BUNDLE for a burst of color and style that your planner deserves.

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Box of pens and box of highlighters
The Accessories BUNDLE - Pens & Highlighters
Regular price $17.97

Each pastel-colored highlighter has two tips, so you can underline, highlight, and create beautiful artwork all throughout your planner. Our Soft Tip Multicolor Pen set will take your writing to a whole new level! Enjoy smooth and effortless writing with the 0.5mm tip, and never run out of color options with its multicolored, vibrant pigments!

Colors may be slightly different than pictured based on the brightness and tone of each individual's device. Some photos have been digitally enhanced to better show the print.

The "Magical Motivator" & "Natural Beauty" Clip-in Planner Cover are CURRENTLY BEING RE-STOCKED! -- Estimated restocking date coming soon!

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Calling all Stationery Lovers!

Discover the perfect companions for your Daily Grind Planner – our 12 pack of dual-tip highlighters in soft pastel colors and the versatile multicolor 0.5mm pen set! Elevate your planning experience with stationery that seamlessly blends cuteness and efficiency. Our journaling pens and markers are designed to add a delightful touch to your pages, ensuring that your planner is not just functional but also stylish. Upgrade your stationery game and make your planning sessions a joy with our specially crafted set of journaling pens and markers. Shop now to infuse your Daily Grind Planner with creativity and charm!

Why Pens & Highlighters?

Elevate your planning experience with our curated set of journaling pens and markers, personally selected by Angie Bellemare, the founder of the Daily Grind and an architecture graduate with a passion for design. Drawing on years of experience and thousands of sketches, Angie has meticulously tested various styles, brands, and colors to bring you this exceptional stationery collection. Our pens and highlighters are more than just tools – they're a result of Angie's dedication to quality and creativity. Trust in her expertise and infuse your Daily Grind Planner with the same passion for drawing and planning that has shaped this unique stationery set. Explore the art of organization with pens and markers designed to inspire!

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