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The Daily Grind Planner

Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly

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Introducing our NEW 'Holly Jolly' Daily Grind Tab Dividers!

✔️4 uniquely designed dividers with festive quotes 
✔️350gsm paper for a thick durable divider
✔️Measured & staggered tabs to fit your planner
✔️Clear coated tabs for durability
✔️Includes 2 sticker sheets for labeling your dividers
✔️Clip-in easily to the discbound system

We are constantly thinking of ways to make your Daily Grind Planner more user friendly, and the Daily Grind dividers are a testament to that. Now you can easily identify where you’re at in the planner, identify where the month recap pages are, and simply navigate through your planner more easily. We did make sure our dividers were aesthetically pleasing yet very functional, but you’ll also find that they are a fun & interesting addition to your planner, as well as being an extra convenience!


These Daily Grind dividers were meticulously measured, designed and manufactured to be functional, durable and to fit the look & feel of YOUR Daily Grind Planner. We upgraded to 350gsm paper with this collection of tabs that are clear coated to limit bends and tears, and measured in a way where your tabs all perfectly line up just a few millimeters outside of your planner.

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Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly
Tab Dividers with Stickers | Holly Jolly

the daily grind tab dividers

  • Exclusive artwork

    Sized for the discbound Daily Grind Planner

  • Easy to Use

    Dividers clip in & out of the planner with ease

  • Durable Tabs

    Designed to hold up

  • Two Sticker Sheets Included

    To label the tabs

  • 4 Dividers per Pack

    To categorize your planner to your needs

  • Tabs are Easy to Read

    Find each section quickly

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Function and beauty!

Yes, dividers are about function. They’re about making it easier for you to use your planner, find your spot in the planner, and ultimately navigate through your planner as quickly as possible. HOWEVER, we think your dividers should look awesome too. That’s why we designed them with colors that’ll match your Daily Grind Planner, making your planning experience not only more functional, but more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing!

The MAGIC is in the details!

It may feel as though details can be trivial when talking about planner dividers. Regardless, wherever details could be considered, we considered them. For example, the colors in the designs & tabs of your Daily Grind dividers were chosen specifically to match the remainder of the associated collection. The tab sizes were carefully curated so they would flow perfectly with the length of your Daily Grind Planner. Even the amount in which the tabs extend past your Daily Grind Planner was chosen carefully to mitigate folds and bends. We hope you appreciate our attention to detail when you receive your Daily Grind Dividers!!


Why are there 4 Daily Grind Tab Dividers included in a package?

Through our testing, we found that there was rarely any situation where more than 4 dividers were needed, and few situations where less than 4 dividers were needed. Between the 4 month format, and the 4 monthly recaps throughout the planner, the number 4 just made sense.

Can I buy one individual Daily Grind Tab Divider, or do I need to buy a full pack?

We do NOT offer the option to buy the dividers individually, however, the 4 pack truly gives you the best bang for your buck!

Will the Daily Grind Tab Dividers fit other planners?

Unlikely, unless the binding system & the dimensions of the planner are exactly the same as the Daily Grind Planner. There are other planners that use the same binding system as the Daily Grind, but they often have more/less discs, or their discs are further apart because of the dimensions of the planner, and so forth. Ideally, your Daily Grind Dividers are being used for your Daily Grind Planner!

How will the Daily Grind Tab Dividers make my Daily Grind Planner more user friendly?

We believe that when engaging in any personal growth activity, the easier and more enjoyable the process, the more likely you are to stick to it. The Daily Grind Tab Dividers are intended to help you move through your planner quickly, swiftly and with splashes of motivation and fun along the way. These dividers should simply make things EASIER on you when navigating through your planner.

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