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The Daily Home

THE DAILY HOME | Morning Routine Candle

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Introducing THE DAILY HOME CANDLES - Elevate Your Morning Routine with Our Coffee Candle Collection.

Transform your daily ritual into a sensory experience with our Morning Routine Candle, designed to infuse your space with the invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Ignite the perfect blend, creating a focused and purposeful ambiance to enhance your morning routine. Crafted as your silent partner, our candles elevate every moment, making every day more intentional.


✔️ A blended scent of coffee & freshly baked bread inspired by your favorite coffee shop
✔️ Custom scent blend using essential oils and perfumes
✔️ Soy & coconut wax blend
✔️ 100% cotton wick for a slow consistent burn
✔️ Great scent throw for a morning boost
✔️ Durable & travel friendly 8oz. aluminum vessel with a lid


Discover the magic of our Coffee Candle – where purpose meets ambiance. Elevate your morning routine with the perfect blend and explore new ideas to make each moment count. Ignite, inspire, and redefine your daily ritual with THE DAILY HOME CANDLES.


Level up your office, living space, work place, or home with The Daily Home custom blended candles. Whether you want a morning boost, a seasonal twist, or scent to help you wind down, there’s a blend to meet your needs. We meticulously created these candles for you to fall in love with your daily routine!

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"Morning Routine" candle in white tin with lid
"Morning Routine" candle in white tin with lid
Unlit "Morning Routine" candle in white tin
Lit "Morning Routine" candle in white tin
White "The Daily Grind" candle lid
Lit "Morning Routine" candle in white tin

the daily home candles

  • Cleaner Ingredients

    Made from soy & coconut wax

  • A Strong Scent Throw

    Fragrance that travels & fills up your space

  • Slow & Consistent Burn

    100% cotton wick

  • Travel Friendly

    Durable aluminum vessels

  • Custom Scents

    From a blend of essential oils & perfumes

  • Morning, Day, & Night

    Crafted to enhance your daily routine

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Set of three "routine" candles in white tins with lids

Candles to take you through your day

Introducing our meticulously crafted Coffee Candle Collection, designed to elevate your morning routine and inspire new ideas for a purposeful start to your day. Transform your space with the rich, invigorating aroma of freshly brewed coffee, setting the tone for a focused day ahead. From enhancing your workspace to creating a cozy home ambiance, our candles are silent partners throughout the day, offering a perfect blend of ambience and purpose. Explore morning routine ideas, make every moment intentional, and let the transformative scents of our Coffee Candle redefine your space.


Immerse yourself in the rich, comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, meticulously blended to elevate your morning routine. From Angie's humble living room to homes worldwide, our candles embody years of candle-enjoyment expertise. Ignite inspiration and explore new morning routine ideas as you experience the transformative scents of our Coffee Candle Collection. Bring the warmth of a cozy living room into your space and let our candles redefine the art of daily enjoyment.


How long will the candles burn?

Our candles are poured in an 8oz. aluminum tin with 1 cotton wick, resulting in an approximate burn time of 48 hours.

Why coconut and soy wax?

First, it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. Unlike paraffin wax, which is made from petroleum, coconut wax is made from all natural ingredients. Second, coconut and soy wax blends are known to burn cleaner and last longer than other waxes. This is due to the low melting point. Coconut soy wax is also known to produce less soot & smoke than other types of waxes.

Why use a cotton wick?

A cotton wick is easy to light, stays lit, and consistently delivers an excellent throw that maximizes delivery of the scent within any room.

Will all scents remain in inventory?

The seasonal scents are created in limited quantities, and will be discontinued once sold out. The “core” collections, starting with the Routine collection, will restock until a new rendition is created.