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Wonderfulllllll but have some ideas

This planner is amazing. It’s going to keep me so focused on moving the needle to my goals!!! I’m so excited. Don’t love the disc binding because it’s harder to flip pages, but I completely understand the pros of it!!

Suggestions so far:

A pack that has blank pages only. Please. Pretty please.
A pack that has extra weeks in it for if you mess up.
Could you pleeeeease pretty please make each week the exact same format? Example. Page one (right), blank page. Page two (left), week in review/week ahead. Page three (right), daily page. Pages 4-9, daily pages (last one ends on the right). Flip to two blank pages, and then on the left starts the week in review/week ahead page. This way if we mess up and need to redo, we can just take out a whole week and start over. I messed up my pages, and because weeks start on different sides of the pages it was difficult to coordinate and get things back in line.

LOVING. THIS. PLANNER. It is changing my life.

Thank you so much for the suggestions, Beth! We truly value your feedback. We will absolutely add these ideas to our list for the next iteration of the planner!

Best Planner out there! I have found true Planner Peace!

I absolutely love the Daily Grind planner and all the accessories that I got in my bundle! It is truest the best planner I’ve ever owned and only one I have loved using consistently every day!

Fun stickers

Enjoying using these every night.

Love it!

Makes my planner easier to use and looks great as well!

So simple and amazing it has made things even easier!

Having the clip option is super easy and so much better for me. I literally carry a month at a time in the new summer planner, instead of 4 months' worth! The dividers make finding specific pages that much more accessible and help keep me that much more organized! Love this option!

The Best Stickers...Ever

These stickers are amazing. The quality is fantastic, there is so much to choose from, and they go flawlessly with the different cover designs. The Daily Grind does not disappoint!

Love them.

Love the colors and the design. Really good price for the quality!

Just as expected; wow

The covers are just beautiful & perfect vibes for summer; Have fun & stay focus on the grind! The quality is as always perfection. Thank you DG team!

New to the Community

It is perfect. I can not wait to get focused and working on my goals.

Cute and sturdy

I love the subtle Disney decor in - can't wait to see what future covers come out!

Morning Stickers

They are adorable ! Wish they were a little bigger !

Summer vibes for achieving your goals!

Gorgeous planner ! I love the additional pop of color with the aqua discs!! The divider page tabs increase the efficiency and give a vibrant summer feel .. This planner looks so pretty just sitting on a desk , it begs you to “ pick me up and let’s slay some goals !! Thank you Angie and Andre , and all the Daily Grind Team!

Sets a beautiful tone for the day!

I just love this planner. The simplicity of it is wonderful. I’ve changed out my cover and the discs are so handy! Love being able to move my pages around how I like. Excellent!

Just What I Needed

A friend told me about the planner and it was just what I what looking for. I am only in the beginning of my planner and I cannot wait to deep drive in to each month, week and day. Ordering was easy and shipment was quick. I highly recommend.

Easily my favourite!

I actually went back and got more because I blew threw the first sheet! Love these so so much!

Should’ve done it sooner

I pride myself as being organized in a daily routine However I get lazy at times. With the daily planner I can see progress in my goals and determine what needs to be done now. Also I like the fact that I set a time for just ME rewards.

cute washi

Love the washi tape. Good quality and a cute way to decorate your planner!

Convenient, cute and helpful

Because the planner is made to be used 4 months at a tine, the dividers and stickers come in HANDY! What is already an organized system just got kicjed up a notch. These are a must for those that like to flip back and forth in their planners...and they are freakin' CUTE!!!

I am in love

I have been a fan of the daily grind planner since day 1 . I had been hoping for Tab Dividers and was so excited when they were released. Not only are they practical but they are beautiful. I’m so happy.


The tab dividers are amazing. They are beautiful, sturdy, easy to put in, and extremely really helpful in the planner.

📔LeT’s GeT InTo ThE GrInD✍🏼

BeAuTiFuL pLaNnErS!!! Exceptional quality!!! Double ordered all three planners ….three to gift to my amazing daughter & the other three for mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!! 😜

Life Changing!

I’ve tried for years to be more disciplined with a planner, the Daily Grind has helped me tremendously in just a week the guide, questions, goals I could go on & on have me excited every morning to head to my planner. I know this planner is not only going to help me grow personally but is going to take my businesses to another level. I’m so grateful my obsession with Disney brought Angie into my social media feed & I finally took the plunge and ordered.

Beautiful Collection

The Daily Grind Planner has changed my life in so many ways. I went from barely getting through my day to achieving goals I never thought possible. Now with the changeable covers and additional goodies I can change it up whenever I feel like it. This collection is so beautiful. If you haven't gotten yours yet grab it and run with it. This planner will change your life

Loving it

It’s forcing me to think through each day!!

Wonderful ❤️

I really love how easy it is to change.