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Staying focused with the Daily Grind

Honestly when I first received my planner, I didn’t think I would like it. Once I watched the videos and joined the FB community, I realized that it was exactly what I needed to help me organize and plan so that I could follow through with goals. It has really helped me see what I have accomplished as well. I would highly recommend one of Angie’s planners!!

Absolutely love 💕

I have found this planner to be so helpful even these past couple days. I absolutely love this women and how much she helps people. I discovered her back in September on sheer accident by searching for “cleaning motivation” videos on YouTube and her channel happened to pop up even though she is so much MORE! Mostly I watched her because of her love of Disney and her cheerfulness and need to motivate others. Her Daily Grind series has helped me realize my true potential and to dream big and go for my dreams. I purchased her daily grind planner to help me these next 4 months because I have some big plans that I need help laying out and keeping our little family on track. Thank you Angie for being such a rockstar!!!

Love it!

I absolutely love these planners. This method really helps you tackle your goals. I love the spiral that allows you to completely fold back the pages. Also, the thickness of the paper allows you to use basically any highlight or marker without worrying about it bleeding through the page. I would highly recommend this planner 👍🏼

Would Recommend

Best system ever breaks procrastination in one full swoop. You should get one yes it’s pricey, but it’s worth every Penny 10/10.

Candy Hearts
Sydney D.

I have never really been a digital note taker. From school, to a corporate job, to personal stuff, pen to paper has always been my thing. This year my resolution is to capture and have something in front of me that focuses on everything I get to experience, and be more appreciative and present in the good or the things to work on. Then I was introduced to The Daily Grind Planner thanks to my mom. I got my first one ever as a birthday gift and I’m hooked. I’m always looking forward to those 10-15 minutes a day that I get to check in on where I’m at and where I want to be. To see day to day what I’ve accomplished and build up to look back on a successful week or month is so empowering. This planner helps me be more intentional, creative, productive, and EXCITED for where I am and for what’s next! If you’re considering a DGP, get one NOW!

Love it.

Easy to use and great quality. Great place to put my thoughts and goals .

Love this style of Planning!

I am currently building my business and I have a lot going on. The daily grind planner allows me to break down all my goals and projects into manageable steps and it really gets me to do the things that really bring me closer to the things I want to achieve. Really enjoying using it!


The absolute best planner I’ve ever used. I have 2. Just got the Love Potion! My planner is always there with me.

Game Changer!

This planner changed my am and pm routines forever! Definitely feel more accomplished each day!!!!

Worth it!

The price tag is steep when you compare it to an average journal/planner, but, it is 100% worth it. This planner is THICK. I love that it has pages for monthly, weekly, and daily tracking. It's everything I wanted in a bullet journal without all of the work to create it from scratch. I've had mine for 3 weeks and have already made progress on some major goals I'd been putting on the back burner. Love Angie's YouTube videos that go along with it as well. Thanks Angie!

Not Just a Planner! Also Support Group and Training!

I absolutely LOVE The Daily Grind Planner and the support and training that Angie and Andre provide on goal setting, how to best use the planner and more!! The YouTube Daily Grind videos are so helpful and motivating. Also a fun and upbeat Facebook Family! I can't wait to see what I can accomplish this year using this new system.

In Love

This Castle Collection Bundle is amazing!! Loving the Daily Grinder Planner so far. Thank you for creating it!!

2nd DG Planner

I have been following Angie's DG outline for almost 3 years now (prior to release of planner). I have been more conscious of my goals and completed them religiously every month. When the DG planner came out, I didnt get at first because I had a system with a blank planner following her guidelines. Then the Warrior Collection came out and I couldn't resist. And now I'm wondering why I waited. Even tho I was following the "gist" of things, the effortless layout and organization made my daily planning go from 10min to less than 5. The map out is amazing, the planner is high quality and seriously the BEST on the market and to have the extra support thru IG, FB and Youtube...Angie and Andre have provided not only a product but a tool for a lifestyle of success!! Just stop reading reviews and hit "BUY NOW". Take the leap👍💯

Best planner!

The Daily Grind planner is more than perfect! I’m always thinking of so many different things to write down between work & school, but I could never figure out the best way to organize all of my lists. This planner has a spot for every idea and task! My goals are clear and I can see them everyday, I really enjoy that! Every page is beautiful & organized perfectly! I love it!

Great purchase!

Great quality! Fast delivery! Fun and easy pages to work with! Very durable! Will order again once my current one is finished!

Love love love

This thing is changing my life.

Loving my Daily Grind Planner

I'm really good at starting new programs for about two weeks. The daily grind planner is keeping me motivated and I actually enjoy using it instead of treating it like an obligation.

Very Helpful

I really enjoy this planner. It's the first time that I have been consistent in tracking my daily goals and schedule. It has been a very helpful tool that has been much needed in my business as a spiritual teacher and life and manifestation coach. I purchased four planners to last the entire year.

Patricia Grandolfo
Excellent planner!

I’ve always used a planner. This planner is perfect for me. Tasks complete, things aren’t forgotten. it accommodates my large writing. Paper is wonderful. Love the blank pages for shopping lists, and a big grid for my month to put appointments, birthdays ect…my writing is too large for the quarter month grid. Keeps all, in one space.

Planner is Amazing, Just Like Customer Service

After a mishap with shipping, I reached out for some help. Kara was amazingly helpful through the entire process. That alone is enough get me to continue to purchase from the company.
Additionally, the plannedr itself is insane! I am heavy handed when it comes to markers and highlighters, and not even a hint of bleeding or discoloration from a previous page!
*Chefs kiss* Best planner!

Mind blowing!

This planner is an eye opener, and confirmation of the time we waste without making our plans. Some stuff you know, but we procrastinate in taking action. This helps us to visualize and succeed in accomplishing our goals. There are certain things that I need to improve on, so I may better myself and on achieving my dreams. No matter what age you are, you can do better and keep going.
Thank you Angie!!!

Love It !

Absolutely beautiful planner and I’ve used it every day since I got it ! One of the best planners I’ve ever used !

First time Bujo’er!

I thought it might be too much for me to do daily but so far so good!! Love the green too!

Excellent planner!

Sleek and sturdy design, overall a wonderful planner! So helpful to look at your goals DAILY and work towards accomplishing them with small wins every day.

Best planner ever!

The first planner I will ever use from start to finish