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Planner Specifics

Why did the Daily Grind Planner choose the discbound system?

How is the Daily Grind Discbound Planner different from the Original Daily Grind Planner?

How many months of planning are included in a planner?

Why are your seasonal planners frequently out of stock?

How can you guarantee no bleedthrough with your planners?

What should I use the blank pages for?

What is the Daily Grind community group I keep hearing about?

Who is the planner best suited for?

Why aren’t the planners dated?

Why are they 4-month planners?

Luxe Collection

Why do metal discs on a discbound planner matter? 

Why vegan leather covers?

Why is the price different from your regular cover & discs?

Will the luxe collection sell out or remain for sale on your website?

Why are the prices of the luxe dividers different from the regular ones?

Why plastic dividers?

Why buy specifically the Daily Grind luxe dividers?

Will my dividers fit in other disc bound planners?

Planner Stickers

What different types of planner stickers does the daily grind offer?

What are the Daily Sticker Kits used for?

What kind of paper is used for the stickers?

Where can I get extra inspiration and/or help on how to use these stickers in with my daily grind planner?

Do stickers really help make planning more fun & effective?

My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook

How is the Dream Life Blueprint different from the Daily Grind Planner?

What makes the Dream Life Blueprint different from other workbooks?

Why is the Dream Life Workbook laid out like an artist pad?

How will the Dream Life Blueprint help me?

Daily Grind Pens & Highlighters

What makes the Daily Grind pens different?

Why do the Daily Grind pens include so many colors?

What is the purpose of the Dual Tip on the Daily Grind Highlighter set?

Why are there no neon color options in your highlighter set?


Are prices in my currency?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Is my payment information secure?

How will the charge show up on my credit card?


What is 'Route Package Protection'?

How does 'route' work?

What if My Order Never Arrives, is Damaged, or is Stolen?

When Should I File a Claim?

Is 'Route' a Licensed Insurance Company?

How long before my order gets shipped?

Why does it cost more to ship outside of the United-States?

Can I pick up my order? 

How do I change my shipping address after an order’s been processed? 

What are the Terms and Conditions of 'Route'?

Return & Refund

What is your refund policy?

How Does 'Route' Process Refunds or Reorders?

What should I do if I’m unsatisfied with my planner?

Can I return a planner purchased from Amazon?

Promos & Vouchers

Are there any active discount codes?

How do I redeem a discount code?

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Social & Public Relations

How do I review your product on my blog or who do I contact for a press inquiry?

Joining the team

Are you currently hiring?

Do you partner with content creators?

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