My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook

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✔️10 chapters worth of action-based content
✔️Guidance to create a morning and evening routine that works for your goals & values
✔️Support in overcoming negative thoughts & frustrations
✔️Clarity on your personality type, and what will work for YOU specifically
✔️Activities to help figure out what drives and motivates you
✔️Tips & tricks to help you to stop letting fear and procrastination slow you down
✔️Unlock exactly what YOU want in life
✔️Design the Blueprint to your DREAM life
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My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
My Dream Life Blueprint Workbook
Regular price $34.97

Gain clarity on what you REALLY want in life, and set goals that matter to you with the ‘My Dream Life Blueprint’ workbook.

The Dream Life Blueprint is the most comprehensive workbook for a hands-on approach to goal setting and game planning. It forces you to look at your goals from every angle to establish the characteristics of YOUR dream life!

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Artist-Style Top Bound

9" x 12" for flatlay goal setting

Large, Just Like Your Goals

Time to make YOU the priority

Tons of Extra Blank Pages

Time to make YOU the priority

10 Value-Driven Chapters

You're not just learning, you're executing

200 Custom Designed Pages

To create your game plan & change your life

Make Time-Bound Commitments

Set & crush the goals that matter to YOU

Create the Blueprint to your Dream Life

while you uncover WHO you really are & what you want the MOST out of life

Design YOUR dream life!

The 'My Dream Life Blueprint' is not only a tool for you to gain clarity on what you truly want, it also takes you through numerous activities to ensure the goals you are setting are YOUR goals, and not those planted by a well-meaning loved one.

On top of that, you’ll be provided with tips and tricks on how to make sure you create healthy boundaries, so you can stay focused in the pursuit of your dream life!

10 chapters of thoughtful guidance

Our wish is that you'll do something for yourself by getting the Dream Life Blueprint workbook. When you receive your workbook, we envision you laying it out on your desk or coffee table, having a beverage of some sort, and enjoying the process of learning about what makes you tick, setting goals that make you feel genuinely excited, and creating a game plan that will ensure you take daily steps toward your dream life.

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