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Route Package Protection
Sandra L Hunter-Young

I absolutely LOVE the route package protection because it gives you a sense of relief knowing your beautiful products are protected and the seller cares enough for us to want our merchandise delivered in great condition. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Route Protection

Love seeing when my goodies are coming!

Route Package Protection
Michael Sciarappa
Growing and understanding

You would think that all planners are alike, but yet they are not. Take the time to dive into yourself and accomplish your goals. That is what this planner does for you. Also, Angie and Andre continue to evolve great products to make you even a better planner. Well worth it!!

The updated 4 Month System is working great for me! Just get it!

I LOVE this Moods Collection! Using them each for daily planning , weight loss/ exercise log, my business planning. Reading tracker and journaling!

Amazing Goal Planning

We ordered 30 of these amazing goal planning workbooks for women in insurance and it was a big hit! Everyone loved it and are now motivated for rest of year to achieve high goals.


Love this cover.. reminds me daily to protect my peace!

THE Best Planner out there

I just received my third planner cover and I love every one of my covers. Beautiful covers to go with the best planning pages. The quality of the covers, paper and all of the accessories are top notch. Also, even the packaging is amazing- well packaged but also easy to access all the items so you can get started right away getting creative and working on your goals. I love everything I have from The Daily Grind!

Blank lined paper insert

I love it! I put in the front of my planner and use it for shopping lists and as a brain dump to get everything out of my head before I go to bed, so I'm not up all night thinking. 💖

Favorite Planner !

It’s crazy how the moods are so spot on to our individual personalities. And we get to personalize them even further 🖤 Effective + Fun !!!

Luxe Tab Dividers

I love them. They feel & look very inspirational and luxurious.

Love it has helped so much in reading and makes me happy so use the tracker before and after reading


This is the only planner you need for goal setting and then some. LOVE the revamp with the discs and interchangeable covers and dividers. The puffy stickers are reusable-WHAT?! AMAZING. I’m blown away by the quality and care that goes into this planner. Please do yourself a favor and go buy yourself one…or ten.

Mostly love it!

I absolutely love the sayings and colors of the planner. My only concern is how long the tab dividers will last. I was hoping to use one as a “bookmark” and move it so it would open that day’s list. I do not feel they are sturdy enough to that long term and I will still be needing to use something else for a “bookmark”.

I love my planner

I love it so much, setting it up for June. I ordered the blue print, waiting for it to arrive. I’m so excited. Over the moon in love with this system.

Beautiful planner, insert needs attention

I love the covers and dividers! The new insert is short about a week of pages for each month though, and came with an extra Month In Review page. Not sure if I just got a misprint (no worries if I did!) I still love it and will be buying again :)

Working progress

I really want this to work for me. I'm starting out slow with it. I have the planner and that's been a challenge honestly. I'm trying to incorporate it into my life but I can't figure out how. I work 12 hrs shifts so planning my daily activities is null and void from work outs etc. That's been my challenge my days I work are just that work and I try to ear well and spend time with the hubby and I get to bed early bc of my long days. Idk maybe a different sheet that's like blocked out for work days and not so maylny lines to fill in. I honestly get discouraged to fill out a daily sheet when I work bc its so empty I feel like I failed or wasn't productive enough. Sorry for the long rant. I love your products just haven't found a way to really incorporate them

Love! High quality, will collect the colors I don’t have yet.

Will definitely get your priorities in order and iron out your life path/goals

Absolutely love!

The planner is really cute and helpful. I've gotten numerous compliments. Family and friends show so much interest in it.

No more guilt

Amazing planner. Love everything about it. Too happy 😆 that I bought one. Thanks ❤️

Amazingly well thought out and executed

There just aren’t enough glowing things to say about the Daily Grind. They have absolutely thought of everything. The covers are durable, beautiful, and inspiring. The pages are expertly designed—no space is waisted, yet there is ample room to record anything you might possibly need or want to record. The customer service team is a dream to work with. The Daily Grind System helps you ascertain what is important in your own life, allowing you to operationalize your goals in a manageable and highly successful way. Thank you DGP team!

Daily Grind Bundle

I absolutely am loving my Daily Grind system. It is helping me to stay on track and achieve my goals way better than any other system I have ever used before!

Love this planner

This system gives you everything you need to set your day up for success. I look forward to using it each day.


I finally purchased the planner after years of debate. Best purchase ever! It's already making a huge difference in my life and reaching my goals!