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10 Tips on Choosing The Best Lifestyle Planner That Works For You

What are some of the most important things you’ll need to know when looking for the best lifestyle planner? Continue reading to learn more!

The year has just begun and for a total planner nerd like me, I just can't WAIT to dive into my Daily Grind planner in preparation for the tasks ahead.

There’s just something sooo satisfying about turning through the fresh, crisp pages of a planner that gets me SUPER excited!! You know that refreshing feeling of starting on a clean slate and making the most of the new opportunities (and now the NEW YEAR) – yeah, that feeling!

I wasn’t always this intentional about my life, nor did I take the time to carefully map things out, but once I started utilizing a planner, staying consistent with it, and actually realized the power of writing down my goals… I saw my productivity levels go up SIGNIFICANTLY!! And ever since, I have become a major advocate of using a daily planner to organize my life. I TRULY believe that this practice can change the way you prioritize your life and actually achieve some serious goals like I have, and I have confidence I can help you become a believer too!

Using daily planners really was one of the most rewarding decisions I made to keep myself organized and more productive… But let me tell you – it was SUPER hard finding the right daily planner for my needs. Talk about frustrating!!

I could tell you the amount of money I spent on planners trying to find the “perfect” one, but I’ll spare you a potential semi heart attack and just say it was … A LOT! And after a week or so my new planner would end up collecting dust in the corner of my office along with all the others. I never finished a single one of them from cover to cover (until now)!

But I digress, enough about my own planner struggles. Now, let’s talk about YOU. How can you find the best lifestyle planner for your personal goal setting needs … and most importantly, ACTUALLY finish it from COVER to COVER? Well, listen up dude - because I’ve got some tips for you!

The trick is to find out what makes life EASIER and NOT feeling like you’re just adding another task to your plate…right? So, that is why I’m going to share the top tips to help you make the best choice for your new lifestyle planner.

You ready?!

1. Start with some initial research

It’s easy to run to the store and buy the first daily planner that you see on the shelf…but is it THE BEST?? From my experience.. probably not.

If the planner doesn’t give you the flexibility you need… you will end up doing a couple of pages and leaving the whole idea altogether because you’ll feel limited and/or restricted… and I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did and continue wasting more money, time & energy on something you aren’t going to continue to use in the long run.

But really, don’t underestimate the power of RESEARCH before you put your hard-earned money into a planning system…and TRUST ME, not all planners are designed to give you all you need…so don’t be fooled!

best lifestyle planner - the daily grind planner

2. Consider layout and planner size

Are you looking to schedule your daily/weekly/monthly activities? Monitor the progress of your goals? Do you need a place to keep track of your meetings, appointments, etc.? All of the above? Exactly what are you looking for in a lifestyle planner? Considerations like these are important to help YOU make a better decision!!

Luckily, you may not need to look any further!! All Daily Grind planners are designed to give you all the STRUCTURE and FLEXIBILITY you may need in a planner!! WHAATT!!!

Also factor in the size of the planner to go for. Do you need something portable that you can take with you anywhere, or will you need a much bigger planner with plenty room for notes?

From my personal experience, I’ve found that daily planners size 7” x 10” are the perfect size to take with you everywhere but also have enough space for notes!!

Seemingly small considerations like these will make your search for the right planner a lot quicker and easier… I’VE GOT YOUR BACK!!

3. Decide which extras you need

Would you like extra, add-on pages or sections for your planner? Something like goal setting pages or budgeting pages? Or maybe more blank pages so you can truly UNLEASH your personal creativity??... Keep in mind that not all lifestyle planners give you these options…

And why LIMIT ourselves…right?? Who wants that!!

Doing your research BEFORE purchase will help you find the lifestyle planner with the exact options that you need. OR .. you can try our Daily Grind Planner with more than 200 hand drawn pages and PLENTY of extra blank dot grid pages for you to make it TOTALLY your own!!

4. Decide on style

If you’re anything like me… chances are you will be using your lifestyle planner A LOT… so you will want it to be something that you don’t just like, but LOVE! You want to make it something you truly look forward to & is an enjoyable part of your daily routine.

I mean, there really is something about a beautiful or stylish planner that makes you feel EXCITED to use it, so make sure your planner style appeals to you – and maybe even those around you. It could be a great conversation starter!!

That’s WHY I designed all my daily planners to be STUNNING both from the inside, out… with unique, limited-edition designs coming constantly… trust me, you’re going to love them!

5. Choose your binding preference

What is your binding preference?

Would you like a spiral bound planner, or do you prefer a 3 ring binder? I’ve found out that a durable, spiral bound seems to fit my needs the best …mainly because it actually lays FLAT and you can fold it over as needed without ruining the binding or the pages. It makes it MUCH more convenient, comfortable & easy to use!

6. Consider budget

How much do you want to spend on a lifestyle planner? When choosing the best option for you, your personal BUDGET is definitely something that you want to consider.

However, I do want you to keep in mind that QUALITY will always make a difference. When it comes to planners, unfortunately sometimes you get what you pay for. From what I’ve noticed, the cheaper daily planner options pretty much ALWAYS leave my pen or highlighters to bleed through pages…which is honestly SO annoying when you’re trying to keep everything neat, organized & aesthetically pleasing!! It not only RUINS your beautiful and neatly kept plans, but problems like bleed through may also reduce the number of overall usable pages…

So, it’s probably in your best interest to invest in a high-quality planner with a hardcover and paper with no bleed through. It’s honestly SO much more worth it because you’ll be able to utilize every inch of each page & get your money’s worth!

7. Paper weight matters

This is one of those easy-to-overlook details! Paper weight, in my opinion, is a make or break decision that puts to test your willingness to continue using your new planner.

During my early years with planners, I was using one that allowed the ink to bleed through multiple pages and made a huge mess…. Spoiler alert — I ended up throwing the entire thing away! Major waste!

I recommended going for a lifestyle planner with 148+ GSM paper to ensure that it will NOT bleed through…the paper will feel durable and your notes will look SUPER cute, tidy and just overall BEAUTIFUL!! And if you’re like me, I know you feel me on this … aesthetics are super important!!

8. Covers are important

I know everyone says don’t judge a book by its cover, but I do judge planners by their covers. Honestly, I treat my planner pretty much like a close, personal friend, so you want one that makes you feel happy and excited and that you can trust to keep it together, so to speak lol …am I right??

My advice is when choosing a cover, stay true to YOU.

Aesthetics aside, cover “thickness” is something to consider….I personally enjoy covers that are a little thicker, hardcover, and I know are DURABLE! I like to plan usually while sitting on the couch or even maybe while I’m outside on the patio, but I also travel quite a bit and I like to bring it in my travel bag too!! So having something that is a little more sturdy usually works out best for me and my own personal preferences & lifestyle…

best lifestyle planner


9. Customization

Similar to Item #3 on this list, customization comes down to what you REALLY need out of a lifestyle planner….

Good planners are designed to give you some sort of structure and a system to personalize things for yourself. Guided layouts will give you a monthly section with maybe a to-do list on the side or room to list appointments or major life events in the margins….which is good!!

But with great planners (custom planners, I mean), you will have BOTH the structure I just mentioned as well as room to be creative & really make it feel like your own…

Being able to customize your week either via the elements that you are adding into the product or the ability to use different pens, highlighters & stickers may seem overwhelming at first but once you have a system that you know works, you will be THANKFUL that you had all of these options….I know it’s been a HUGE game-changer for me!!

Being able to customize your layout to fit your needs and style is a HUGE BONUS that I’ve noticed the planner community is really starting to embrace, which is amazing!!

10. A planner is a tool to be used

Maybe most importantly, please remember to actually USE your planner. A planner is not going to magically solve your problems or help you get your life together unless you’re USING IT. To see results, you must first see your planner for what it is – a “TOOL” to be used by you. Over and over again! Then it’s up to you to take action consistently!

I mean, what use is writing everything down when you are not going to visit the planner again? Trust me when I say that to organize your life and see the results you’re after, you must use the planner with DELIBERATE and DEDICATED efforts.


So, I hope these tips help you pick out the PERFECT LIFESTYLE PLANNER to keep you organized this year.

Now, It’s SHOPPING time! I invite you to take a look at our AMAZING collection of daily planners - I promise you it will be the first daily planner that you actually FINISH from cover to cover!!


What is a lifestyle planner?

A lifestyle planner is a notebook that serves as a guide towards what you are looking to achieve and how you are planning to achieve it. It helps you set goals, break them down, track their progress, and realize your dreams while tracking every milestone.

What are some examples of life plans?

Some common examples of life plans include buying a house, starting a family, getting promoted, going on a trip around the world, and many more. Plans are easier to achieve when you are writing them down.


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