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6 Reasons Why You Need a Hardcover Daily Planner in 2023

Who doesn’t have dreams in life? Getting the ‘dream job’... achieving our fitness goals…learning a language…traveling the world…financial freedom… It all sounds great, right? Until “LIFE” gets in the way! Yeah… that infamous excuse that I tend to hear time and time again …


We allow ourselves to think that it’s life getting in the way of us achieving our dreams … but is it life that stops us from continuing to go to the gym? Is it life that distracts us from opening that Spanish book for an hour each day?

I know EXACTLY how you feel though… We've been conditioned by society through movies, magazines & social media to believe that you need to have some sort of superpower in order to achieve your BIG goals!

Be like the Hulk! 

Or Wonder Woman! 

Have the vision of Walt Disney! 

The intelligence of Albert Einstein!

Can I let you in on a little secret …? 

YOU DON’T! Trust me … you don’t need to be anyone out of the ‘ordinary’ to achieve some pretty epic stuff. I am NO special snowflake … and throughout my life and experience as an entrepreneur, I have achieved some of my wildest dreams! … and through this I have realized that literally ANYBODY can meet their goals with the right mindset, resourcefulness …and tools! WOOP!!

In fact, you will be surprised how a single, powerful tool, like - a hardcover daily planner - can completely stop “LIFE” from getting in the way of meeting some INSANE goals! STOP daydreaming…and START achieving!

With all of that said … I am SUPER excited to share some of the reasons why you need a hardcover daily planner to change your life in 2023!

Alright dudes, let’s get into it:

1. A hardcover daily planner helps with your time management

How often do you tell yourself “I just don’t have time for this”? 

Real talk .. when you say “I don’t have time”, it doesn’t usually mean what you THINK it means. Flip the script and realize that what you’re really saying is, “This is not a priority at the moment”... Ugh! Talk about a wake-up call, am I right?!

Establishing priorities is essential when it comes to managing your time effectively… but I think you’ll be surprised by how many more of your goals you can squeeze in if you know how to MANAGE and ORGANIZE your time the right way!! And a great hardcover daily planner can help you do EXACTLY that!

Hopefully this info just got you a little more excited to continue reading .. I LOVE sharing these little golden nuggets with you!!

A daily planner is a great tool for setting your goals, dissecting them into smaller, achievable, more bite-sized and realistic tasks, and finding the right time for all of them so they fit into YOUR schedule!

By BOOKING slots for each one of your goals and tasks in advance, you will be shocked at how much you can achieve! 

The KEY is to plan ahead, figure out how much time you need for each task, and even make a little game out of the whole process to make it FUN! 

Knowing what to expect during your days, weeks and months is an absolute game-changer for managing your time more efficiently.

2. Boost your productivity significantly

Chances are … you probably know somebody who runs in the morning, spends all day working, dedicates time to his or her hobbies, and still has time for social life and family! 

And you wonder… How the HECK do they fit all of that in? Do they have more than 24 hours per day? How can they be that productive?! Am I EVER going to be as productive as them? It feels like a losing game .. but don’t worry, I got you!!

The good news is…yes, YOU can be JUST as productive! 

This is exactly why you need a hardcover daily planner in 2023 - it can help you get work done more effectively, organize your time in a way that maximizes the outcome of each task, and totally CRUSH those big, scary goals of yours! 

Daily planners are the perfect tool to help you stay on track with each individual task, encouraging you to move on to the next one more efficiently. I know for a fact that it works… and it really can be life-changing if you make it part of your daily routine to plan out your days, weeks, and months ... Once you start, you’ll see how truly powerful it can be!!

Hardcover Daily Planner 2023

Daily Grind hardcover daily planner: Purple Wall

3. Get an extra dose of inspiration

Let’s be honest: who couldn’t use an extra dose of motivation and inspiration? As a social media influencer, content creator and entrepreneur, I’ve learned that motivation WILL come and go, and some days you’ll struggle to find it at all!! 

Finding ways to keep yourself motivated is definitely necessary in times when achieving goals is challenging…and a hardcover daily planner can work like a magic wand in your favorite Disney movie … if you make it work for you!

A great daily planner such as the Daily Grind Planner helps you stay consistent with your goals, track your progress, and gets you motivated as you are able to physically SEE all those little tasks being completed one after another.. 

Checking boxes makes me EXCITED…and I am convinced it will have the same effect on you!

4. Improve your mental health

One of the main things that impacts our mental health nowadays is that we have too many tasks to focus on while there are thousands of distractions taking us away from completing our goals. 

I know for a fact that this can lead to stress, overwhelm and feeling anxious… but who can blame us?? We have SO much going on in our day to day lives … so it’s totally valid to get overwhelmed from time to time… so you’ve got to be able to give yourself some grace along the way!

With a new app coming out every day, and with Instagram, Tik Tok & social media being just a click away, it can be daunting to download yet another app for planning & organizing purposes - when we should be focusing…and being PRESENT in the real world.

I know for myself that this is one of the main reasons that I found a sense of comfort with my hardcover daily planner, a tool which has helped me immensely with becoming not only more productive, but also happier. Trust me … when done right, putting a physical pen to paper in order to map out your life can take SO much of the stress away!! 

I can take a break, unplug from my phone and cut all the distractions to CONNECT with myself again. No more notifications interrupting me when I am trying to think about what I need to do so that I can tackle my day with CONFIDENCE & have some peace of mind when I lay my head on my pillow at night.

Here’s a little look into my morning routine that really helps me get into the zone ... I sit down first thing by myself, light a candle, pour a warm cup of coffee, collect my thoughts and write down what I need to do in order to feel a sense of accomplishment every single day … Since I started doing this, I have found a better sense of connection to myself and realized that I was actually getting SO much more done!

5. Track your progress and hold yourself accountable

Now this one can be really tricky... Holding ourselves accountable to ACTUALLY doing the things we said we’re going to do. 

We tend to have very high expectations of ourselves and of the life we want to live, and overwhelm ourselves with more tasks than we can handle in a single day. As a result we are unable to hold ourselves accountable & wind up feeling defeated!

We are essentially SABOTAGING ourselves! We only end up focusing on what we DIDN’T do and then this keeps us from appreciating how much we have actually done. A hardcover daily planner is a great way to resolve this issue in 2023.

When I first got my planner, I started to realize that I was actually doing 70-80% of everything that I wanted to do… and now that I could TRACK it & SEE it on paper, I could see that checking in with myself and ticking the boxes really helped me get SO MUCH more done!! 

By organizing it in my Daily Grind Planner, I was cruising through my day with much more ease while accomplishing the majority of my tasks.

Say GOODBYE to the old days of setting hundreds of alarms & reminders just to have your phone scream dings of shame at you, and say HELLO the pat on the back you will give yourself when you complete each page & every day of your planned journey. 

This hardcover planner has helped me reach new levels and keeps me on track for personal success…and I totally believe that it can do the same for YOU!!

daily planners

6. Have more free time

With everything I have mentioned so far, there is just one area I haven't touched on yet…but it is sooooo important!! Scheduling time for yourself.

It seems like a no-brainer, but for a person that has so much going on, it’s easy to forget to actually make time for ME. It may seem like ‘extra work’ to PLAN out time for self-care … but it actually gives you more of a sense of freedom in the long-run.

With my hardcover daily planner. I physically block out the time I want to take for myself. This has helped me be more productive in the moments where I need to be hyper-focused & feel more accomplished…which is a huge boost for my self-esteem, confidence and overall mental health.

The fact that I am able to be realistic about my goals and accomplish them in a reasonable time has given me so much more FREE TIME for things that I am truly passionate about... 

I no longer accidentally forget to complete the things that need to be done to get one step closer to my goals… which has ultimately given me more time to sprinkle in the things I love to do throughout my week!! We all deserve to carve out time for ourselves so that we aren't just living for the weekend and feel FULFILLED outside of a 9-5 … know what I mean?!

This is one of the main reasons that I started the Daily Grind company. To help people manage time, feel good about it, track progress and see how much you have accomplished as opposed to what hasn't been done… Which is easy to overlook when you are not keeping track & celebrating those COMPLETED goals. And, last but not least, this planner has helped me get control of my time so that I can have time for myself AND be more present with my loved ones!

I hope you too can take some time to appreciate yourself, do your mental-health a favor and get on your own Daily Grind Planner to help you manage your time and get your LIFE back!



Which is the best daily planner on the market?

While the best daily planner on the market will depend on your taste and desired characteristics, there is no doubt that the Daily Grind Planner is among the best hardcover daily planners in 2023. 

It is made of high-quality materials that don’t allow for bleedthrough on the interior pages, has extra blank dot grid pages and NO date restrictions - and let’s not forget about the epic cover designs!

Are daily planners worth it?

100%!! Daily planners are absolutely worth it! They are a great tool for better time management, organizing your tasks more effectively, establishing your goals and priorities, as well as tracking progress.

Daily planners are your best ally for achieving your goals and dreams - you will be surprised how much power they hold!


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