The Difference Between Habits and Goals
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The Difference Between Habits and Goals

Hey you guys! I totally get that it can be super tricky to determine the difference between a habit and a goal. So let's chat about the specifics of each so you can dive into your habit tracker and your top 10 goals with full confidence! Here are the key differences between a habit and a goal:



The Focus Vibe:
  • Habit: Habits focus on the process and routine actions performed regularly. They are the daily behaviors and activities that become ingrained in your lifestyle!
  • Goal: Goals emphasize specific, measurable, and time-sensitive achievements. They represent the desired outcome or result that you want to reach!
  • Habit: Habits are ongoing and often long-term. They involve consistent actions over an extended period of time, and are meant to create sustainable routines!
  • Goal: Goals have a defined timeframe. They are set to be achieved within a specific period of time, providing a sense of urgency and a clear endpoint.
  • Habit: Habits are not necessarily easily measured in the same way goals are. Their impact is often seen over time as they compound. This is why it's so important to track your habits so you can see your progress!
  • Goal: Goals are specific and measurable. Achieving a goal is usually marked by hitting certain milestones.
Outcome vs. Process:
  • Habit: The focus of habits is on the daily actions and the journey itself. The emphasis is on building positive behaviors that contribute to your overall well-being!
  • Goal: Goals are outcome-oriented, concentrating on the specific result or achievement that you're striving for. The journey is a means to an end in the pursuit of your goals!
  • Habit: Habits are adaptable and can be integrated into various routines. They can evolve over time for changing circumstances.
  • Goal: Goals are more rigid and have set objectives and deadlines. You can adjust your goals, but the core achievement stays the same.
  • Habit: Over time, habits become automatic behaviors that require less conscious effort. They become ingrained in your daily routine.
  • Goal: Achieving a goal often involves conscious planning, effort, and focus until the specific goal is reached.
  • Habit: Habits involve regular and consistent actions, occurring frequently in your daily life.
  • Goal: Goals may involve intense efforts for a shorter duration until the goal is reached, potentially requiring less frequent attention once you achieve the goal!

While goals provide a clear target and endpoint, habits focus on the daily actions and routines that lead to sustained personal growth!  Having the perfect balance of habits and goals will ensure you start to build the life that you've always dreamed of, even quicker than you thought possible! Now, time to dive in to those 2024 goals and schedule your habits so you can make this the best year yet!


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