Decorative Stickers - 70s Summer Deco

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Transport your planner back in time with our groovy 70s Summer Deco stickers! Infuse a retro vibe into your planning experience with these vibrant and funky stickers that bring the spirit of the 70s to your pages. Elevate your daily routine with fun and festive decorations that capture the essence of this iconic era. Our meticulously designed 70s stickers are the perfect way to add a touch of nostalgia to your planner all year long. Dive into the disco era with these lively and colorful stickers that make planning a celebration of the 70s. Explore our collection, and bring the funky flair of stickers from the 70s to your modern planner in a stylish and fun way!

✔️ Premium clear sticker paper for a seamless look
✔️ Custom sized to accommodate The Daily Grind Planner
✔️ Sticker sheet dimensions 6" x 9"
✔️ (1) Total sticker sheet
✔️ (63) Total stickers

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Decorative Stickers - 70s Summer Deco
Decorative Stickers - 70s Summer Deco
Regular price $4.97

Our ‘70s Summer' decorative sticker set features hand drawn artwork, is printed on premium clear sticker paper for a seamless look, and is custom sized to accommodate The Daily Grind Planner.

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Hand Designed

By Angie Bellemare

Custom Planner Stickers

Designed to Fit the Daily Grind Planner

Dual Purpose

Designed to Fit the Daily Grind Planner

Fun & Effective

Enhance your planning routine

Premium Matte Sticker Paper

Ink friendly for no smudge writing

Exceptional Quality

The highest quality materials used in all our products

Stickers designed for your Daily Grind Planner

get ready to take your planning routine to the NEXT LEVEL!

Introducing the Daily Grind's Decorative Planner Stickers

Revitalize your planner experience with a blast from the past – our 70s Summer Deco stickers bring the nostalgia of the era to your daily routine! Stickers are back in style, evolving beyond childhood collectibles and becoming a must-have in the planner community. The Daily Grind stickers take this trend to new heights, offering versatile functionality for every planner need. Whether you're aiming to add a groovy touch to your planner or highlight deadlines with unique notes, our 70s stickers are designed to make your Daily Grind Planner the ultimate tool for your goals. Dive into the world of creativity and organization with our specially crafted and multi-functional stickers, capturing the essence of stickers from the '70s in a fun and vibrant way!

Your Planner's new sidekick

Step back in time with our meticulously crafted 70s Summer Deco stickers, seamlessly blending functionality and retro charm! Designed exclusively for your Daily Grind Planner, each sticker is precision kiss-cut to ensure a perfect fit. We prioritize your experience by selecting only the highest quality materials, guaranteeing ink-friendly designs and clear backdrops where needed. Dive into the funky and vibrant world of the 70s with our thoughtfully designed 70s stickers, featuring custom artwork that breathes life and personality into your planner. Transform your daily planning into a fun and effective journey through the disco era, as you infuse every page with the nostalgic spirit of stickers from the 70s. Explore the collection and add a touch of retro flair to your modern planner with our high-quality and purposeful 70s stickers!

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