Real Life planner pages

map out your month ahead

  • Undated interior

    Our undated layout allows for restriction free planning so you can start at any time.

  • Top ten goals

    These are the top 10 goals that you’ll be focusing on for the entire month. Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!

  • Important Dates

    Keep all of your important dates, events, and/or deadlines in one place.

  • Monthly Must-Dos

    Dedicated space to jot down your non-negotiables for the month.

  • Space to get creative

    This blank dot grid section has no rules! Use this area for ideas, lists, thoughts, brainstorming, doodles, stickers, etc.

plan out your week ahead

  • Repetition is KEY

    Re-write your TOP 10 goals for the month. The more you can keep your goals in front of you, both mentally and visually, the more likely you are to achieve them.

  • End of the week goals

    This is where you get to break down your big monthly goals. Think of this like taking a mini shark bite out of your overall goal. What is a bite-sized milestone you can hit that helps you make progress forward?

  • Your Weekly to do list

    How are your ‘shark bite goals’ happening? What actions can you put in place?

  • How are your ‘shark bite goals’ happening? What actions can you put in place?

    Did you get it completely done or almost done?

  • Schedule for the week

    This is where you can decide which of your top ten goals you're going to focus on during specific days of the week. This should be based on your top priorities for the week.

  • Top priorities

    Choose 5 of your top ten goals that are your main priority. This is to help eliminate any overwhelm when it comes to goal setting.

  • weekly mantra

    What’s your mantra this week to keep you inspired & focused

  • Just for you

    Self care is just as important as hustling for your dreams. This is where you can decide what you’re going to do for yourself to feel your absolute best.

your daily grind

  • Again, Repetition is KEY

    Re-write those same top 10 goals for the month

  • Your daily to do list

    What is one action you can take, big or small, for each of your top 10 goals

  • Check it off

    Did you get it completely done, almost done, or will it get done tomorrow?

  • Small things to help you feel amazing

    It’s simple, when you feel your best, you perform at your best!


    The 3 things on your to-do list that help you move the needle the most. Accomplishing these 3 things each day is your daily grind.

  • Game Plan

    A vertical hourly breakdown to help you create a schedule for your day

  • Reminders

    List the things you don’t want to forget for the day. Any appointments, meetings, etc. can be listed here.

  • Gratitude

    What are you grateful for or excited about? Feel free to doodle & get creative here too!

Month in review

  • Self-Reflection Section

    • Record your proudest moments from the previous month
    • What areas could you improve on from last month?
    • What worked really well last month?
    • Jot down things that didn't work out so well last month?

  • Work it all out

    Write down any important ideas or breakthroughs you had

  • How would you rate your month?

    On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your month based on your progress.

  • Your top 10 goals

    List the same 10 goals that you’ve been focused on all month long

  • Check it off

    Did you get it completely done, almost done, or not yet?

  • Next Months Focus

    Based on what you found in the self reflection section, what is your main focus or intention for next month?

  • Ideas & Notes

    Use this as creative space for ideas, lessons, notes, etc.