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Very good quality, thick with a smooth finish. I love them should have gotten both sets. The stickers in the package as well as the functional stickers are very good. I love her choice of paper and the detail she put into them. I was a little worried but she really takes care into what she does, the quality is excellent.

Absolutely IN LOVE! They are so beautiful in person and really sparks my creativity/ holiday spirit!! Thank you, Angie! ❤️✨

Having the dot grid blanks helps me take this planner everywhere. I've even taken it into meetings at work and non profit events. No longer need take separate pads of paper.

Daily Sticker Kit BUNDLE - Holiday Stickers Included!!

The daily grind planning system is a game changer. I have been utilizing the system for over a year and seen a difference. The seasonal cover design and sticker just help make planning fun.

The quality of materials with the Daily Grind items KEEPS getting EVEN BETTER. I love that. They are already cute enough that I'd like them even if they were cheaper materials, but the team keeps improving each edition of their products. I like that a lot.

Love everything ❤️

Very well made. Fits everything perfectly

My first washi tape! I’m so excited!! 🌲♥️🌲

These are awesome and merry! ⛄️🎅🏻⛄️

So pink! I love them!! 🎅🏻♥️🎅🏻

So merry and happy! My planner is going to look amazing!! ❤️⛄️❤️🎅🏻❤️


This insert has helped me better align with the habits I want to implement as well as actually execute them. Before I just kind of felt like I wasn’t “doing anything” but just like anything within the Daily Grind realm it has thought me that even the littlest habits matter. I feel like I am actually moving forward and my headspace feels clearer as well. ❤️❤️


I love the pens and also the planner because it helps me to focus on my daily goals

Very eye opening! I see where I’m wasteful and can be using that $$ for another things. Especially the things that will move the needle in my biz and life goals!

Whew!! All the tears but also so much clarity! Can’t wait to repeat it and see where i’m at! What we dream about is possible!! We just need to show up and so the work!!

This system is a game changer!! So eye opening! Can’t wait to get another set. I use it every single day!

Love these!! You can use them for anything!

Tough (Self) Love

Working my way through the Blueprint is both eye opening and a little scary. But its the worth it kind of tough (self) love.

Daily Sticker Kit - Pumpkin
Tiffany Schroeder

I LOVE the Carl and Disney ones <3

Daily Sticker Kit - Pumpkin
Jocelyn Covin
Daily Sticker Kit

Love love love !! love the designs and colors I had so much fun planning with it !!

The Best Ever

As an avid follower of Angie, I purchased the Daily Grind when it was first launched. I liked it but wasn't sure it was the best one for me, so I dated around the remainder of the year. I have now tried 2 others and decided that I am ready to settle down with the Daily Grind. It's the only planner for me now.


I will buy this again. Perfect relaxing/spa/bubble bath vibes.