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Daily Grind Foil Washi Tape | 4 Pack

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Upgrade your planner game with our Daily Grind Foil Washi Tape! Made with luxurious black, gold, rose gold, and sage green foil, this 4 pack is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and style to your daily planning. 

✔️4 rolls of washi per pack
✔️10mm wide by 10m long
✔️Custom foiled colors
✔️Peel away paper backing

If you’re not familiar, Washi tape is a masking tape you can use to “zhuzh” up your planner! It’s actually multipurpose in that it’s the perfect material to decorate your planner, make borders around notes & pages, or use straight up as masking tape. We've always loved using washi tape, so it just made sense to create our own rendition of it, but this time ... with foil!


Enjoy Daily Grind Washi tape in this 4 pack format, where each roll is a standard 10mm wide by 10m long, which means plenty of washi tape to use and reuse! These were custom made by our design team to help give your Daily Grind Planner an expensive feel.

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Set of four washi tape rolls
Gold, black, rose gold and green washi tape rolls
Set of four washi tape rolls
Set of four washi tape rolls

Daily Grind WASHI TAPE

  • Exclusive Fall Designs

    4 unique designs in total

  • Multi-Use

    Planners, scrapbooks, gift wrapping, crafts, etc.

  • Amazing Value

    4 Rolls per pack

  • Adhesive Yet Flexible Tape

    Peel off the paper backing & stick

  • High Quality Washi

    Decorative crafting tape

  • Washi Size

    Each roll is 10mm wide, 10m long

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Set of four washi tape rolls

Peel away the packing & stick!

Our Daily Grind Washi tape is purposefully thin yet durable, and can easily be stuck on to your 148GSM planner paper. It can be UNSTUCK from your planner just as easily, without causing ANY damage to your pages. Try them on your blank pages, try them on your daily pages .. heck, try them on your covers if you want to! Enjoy experimenting with making your planner look even better with our Daily Grind Washi tape!

Designed to shine!

Add some sparkle to your planner with our Daily Grind Foil Washi Tape! This 4 pack includes black, gold, rose gold, and sage green foiled tape, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your daily planning. Elevate your planner game with our Luxe Collection today!


What is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a multipurpose type of craft tape. In this case, it's made with the purpose of being used in your Daily Grind Planner. It's made from a material that allows for easy sticking or removing for decorating your planner pages, making borders, or using as masking tape without the worry of damaging your pages.

How is Washi tape different from a sticker?

Unlike many stickers, Washi tape is a decorative tape that you can tear, reposition, remove, stick, color, and even write on. It’s also worth noting that it works this way on nearly any surface: paper (obviously), but also glass, metal, plastic, and so forth.

How can I use Washi tape to improve the look of my planner?

Washi tape is truly versatile. You can use it as a splash of color to write over, border your pages, layer underneath stickers, or highlight goals / specific anecdotes you want to accentuate. Washi tape can be moved, removed, or modified without damaging your pages, so go ahead and have some fun with our unique designs!

Why is it called “Washi tape”?

Washi is derived from the Japanese word: “traditional papers”. It originated in Japan in 2006 from a masking tape company called Kamoi Kakoshi. Washi tape was born from a request to beautify masking tape from a group of women who wanted fun colors & patterns rather than traditional masking tape.

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