Daily Grind Tab Dividers | Sassy

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Introducing our "Sassy" Tab Dividers from our newest Gal Squad Collection.

✔️4 uniquely designed dividers
✔️350gsm paper for a thick durable divider
✔️Measured & staggered tabs to fit your Daily Grind Planner
✔️Clear coated tabs for durability
✔️Includes 2 sticker sheets for labeling your dividers
✔️Easily clips into the discbound system

Spice up your planner with our newest Gal Squad Collection, featuring the "Sassy" Tab Dividers. Made with 350gsm paper, these durable dividers not only add personality to your planner but also keep you organized with 4 unique designs and clear coated tabs. Comes with 2 sticker sheets for labeling and easily clips into any discbound system. Get sassy with your planning!

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Daily Grind Tab Dividers | Sassy
Daily Grind Tab Dividers | Sassy
Regular price $9.97

These Daily Grind dividers were meticulously measured, designed and manufactured to be functional, durable and to fit the look & feel of YOUR Daily Grind Planner.

Colors may be slightly different than pictured based on the brightness and tone of each individual's device. Some photos have been digitally enhanced to better show the print.

If your order does not contain a seasonal or pre-ordered item, your items will ship within 48 business hours from the time you placed your order.

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Luxe Tab Dividers

Sized for the discbound Daily Grind Planner

Durable Tabs

Designed to hold up

4 Dividers per Pack

Designed to hold up

Easy to Use

Dividers clip in & out of the planner with ease

Two Sticker Sheets Included

To label the tabs

Tabs are Easy to Read

Find each section quickly

The 'Gal Squad' Collection

Function and beauty!

Yes, dividers are about function. They’re about making it easier for you to use your planner, find your spot in the planner, and ultimately navigate through your planner as quickly as possible. HOWEVER, we think your dividers should look awesome too. That’s why we designed them with colors that’ll match your Daily Grind Planner, making your planning experience not only more functional, but more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing!

The MAGIC is in the details!

It may feel as though details can be trivial when talking about planner dividers. Regardless, wherever details could be considered, we considered them. For example, the colors in the designs & tabs of your Daily Grind dividers were chosen specifically to match the entire collection. The tab sizes were carefully curated so they would flow perfectly with the length of your Daily Grind Planner. Even the amount in which the tabs extend past your Daily Grind Planner was chosen carefully to mitigate folds and bends. We hope you appreciate our attention to detail when you receive your Daily Grind Dividers!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there 4 Daily Grind Tab Dividers included in a package?

Can I buy one individual Daily Grind Tab Divider, or do I need to buy a full pack?

Will the Daily Grind Tab Dividers fit other planners?

How will the Daily Grind Tab Dividers make my Daily Grind Planner more user friendly?

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