Luxe Tab Dividers | Sage

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Introducing our Luxe Collection Planner Tab Dividers in a sage green color – an exquisite addition to elevate your planning experience. Each set includes four meticulously crafted tab dividers, printed on hard, durable plastic to ensure longevity in your Daily Grind Planner.

✔️Set of 4 Durable Tab Dividers
✔️Motivational Quotes with Tone-on-Tone Foil Effect
✔️Hard Plastic Material for Longevity
✔️2 Sticker Sheets for Easy Labeling

Immerse yourself in a world of sophistication with motivational quotes elegantly printed on each tab. The tone-on-tone foil effect adds a subtle yet classy touch, reflecting the premium quality of our Luxe Collection. But that's not all – each set comes with two sticker sheets, allowing you to label your dividers with ease and precision.

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Set of four green planner dividers
Luxe Tab Dividers | Sage
Regular price $14.97

These Daily Grind dividers were meticulously measured, designed and manufactured to be functional, durable and fit the vibe of YOUR Daily Grind Planner. We upgraded to a durable plastic material with this collection to ensure they're able to hold up against bends and tears. These dividers are best when paired with our metal planner discs and are measured in a way where your tabs all perfectly line up just a few millimeters outside of your planner.

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Luxe Tab Dividers

Sized for the discbound Daily Grind Planner

Durable Tabs

Designed to hold up

4 Dividers per Pack

To categorize your planner to your needs

Easy to Use

Dividers clip in & out of the planner with ease

Two Sticker Sheets Included

To label the tabs

Tabs are Easy to Read

Find each section quickly


Unveiling Elegance in Every Detail

Our Luxe Collection Planner Tab Dividers redefine the art of planning. Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to elegance, each tab exudes a sense of refinement. The hard, durable plastic material not only ensures these dividers withstand the test of time but also provides a satisfying feel as you turn the pages of your planner. The motivational quotes, delicately adorned with a tone-on-tone foil effect, create a harmonious blend of inspiration and sophistication. Immerse yourself in the subtle shimmer that adds a touch of luxury to every section of your planner.

A Symphony of Function and Style

With the Luxe Tab Dividers, functionality seamlessly intertwines with style. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these dividers offer a practical solution to streamline your planner. The inclusion of two sticker sheets empowers you to personalize each tab, transforming them into a reflection of your unique organizational style. Picture your planner becoming a curated masterpiece, not just a tool for productivity but a testament to your discerning taste. Elevate your planning experience – where each glance at your dividers becomes a moment of inspiration and each interaction with your planner becomes a celebration of your commitment to both organization and beauty.

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