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We’ve still got a few weeks left of summer! Whether you’re soaking up the rest of the summer sun or prepping for “back to school,” the Daily Grind’s got you covered and just in time with our End of Summer Sale! With FREE SHIPPING on all our summer planner goodies, you’ll have everything you need to plan in style for the rest of the summer season AND turn heads at school with your Daily Grind Planner.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! With your Daily Grind summer goodies in hand, the planning opportunities are endless. Here’s 10 ways you can make the most of the Summer Collection while using your Daily Grind Planners for "back to school" prep in anticipation for fall! 

Covers That Fit Your Vibe

Looking for a planner cover that’s NOT boring?!?! Look no further because the 70’s Summer Party Covers are SUCH a vibe! From the fun Pool Party cover and the fan-favorite, the Treehouse which was modeled after the treehouse of my DREAMS, to Picnic Vibes which is my personal favorite . . . . you seriously can’t go wrong with these cover designs. And let’s not forget that these covers have different designs on the back AND the inside TOO!

Each summer cover comes with a 30-day “Slow Down Mindfulness Challenge” AND a “Summer Bucket List” so you can make the most of the rest of your summer season and incorporate these ideas into your “Back to School” routine. 

And it doesn’t stop there! The back cover designs offer SUPER CUTE sayings to match your vibe even more! There was a lot of thought and love that went into the design of these summer covers and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Add Pops of Color 

Okay you guys . . .  this is seriously SUCH a game changer for the Daily Grind Planner! As you know our NEW discbound system allows you to build your Daily Grind Planner into the planner of your dreams. Being able to add, remove and rearrange pages based on your needs takes things to a whole new level. And the best part . . . these discs come in DIFFERENT colors! From bubble gum pink to teal and sage green, the discs add such a fun pop of color to your planner and keep function in mind. 

Mix & Match Designs  

While we’re still talking about covers and discs, did I mention I LOVE mix & matching them?!?! Like I said, I wanted the design of the Summer Party Collection to fit my vibe and sometimes that means mixing and matching the front and back covers and creating a multi-colored discbound spine so that I feel like my Daily Grind Planner TRULY matches my vibe for the day/week/month ahead. I think that truly is what sets the Daily Grind Planner apart from a design aesthetic. Matching your daily planner to your style, creating your own “frankenplanner” and being able to change things up whenever you want is *chefs kiss!!

Stickers for Everything 

If you’re sticker obsessed like me, the Daily Grind stickers are literally perfection! The Summer Sticker Collection features not one, not two, but THREE Daily Sticker Kits AND two Decorative Sticker Sheets that scream 70’s vibes and tropical bliss! I absolutely LOVE filling up my daily pages with stickers BUT, for all you sticker lovers out there, why limit your sticker decorating to just your planner??? Add those stickers to the top section above your keyboard on your laptop OR create a super cute sticker border around your laptop cover. Grab your handy dandy refillable water bottle and go to town covering it in these fun summer stickers to keep the summer vibes alive while you’re in class, on the go, or at work.

Washi Tape Versatility 

I cannot say enough great things about Washi Tape! I love to use it to decorate my daily page borders and to create sections on my blank dot grid pages when making lists or jotting down ideas. You can also use it to create labels for organizers, storage bins or container. Create borders or fun patterns on your “back to school” folders and notebooks to make your school supplies really stand out. Or use it to make book marks for your textbooks! There are so many cool and creative ways to use washi tape that it’s always great to have on hand.

Tab Divider Organization

What I love about our Tab Dividers is that they add extra pops of color throughout your Daily Grind Planner AND perfectly keep the guts of your planner organized. Rather than flipping through your planner to find where you left off, you can quickly and easily turn to the pages you need with these dividers. From organizing your Habit Tracking Insert to your daily pages and more, these tab dividers are custom-made to fit perfectly with your Daily Grind Planner. Plus the way they pull together the whole summer vibe - perfection! 

Daily Affirmations  

With the Tab Dividers and the Summer Sticker Sheets, you’ll have positive affirmations at your fingertips. Everyone needs a little positivity in there day, and having these sweet sayings visible every time check in with your Daily Grind planner, you have an immediate mood booster! Planning should be fun and motivating and no matter what time of day you’re using your planner, seeing and reading a daily affirmation makes the experience even better. At the Daily Grind, we’re ALL about keeping your motivation high and making sure you guys feel supported, and these summer accessories were made with that in mind so that you always know the Daily Grind’s got your back! 

Time Chunk Your Day 

With the design of the Summer Sticker Kits and Summer Washi Tape, you can easily time chunk your day to prioritize your Top 3 Needle Movers and map out your day. I love using either accessory as a way to break up my “to do” list and my “game plan” for the day ahead. It’s a fun way to add in some color to my daily pages AND serves as an easy, decorative way to chunk out my daily tasks. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean! Using stickers and washi tape to break up your day in your Daily Grind Planner is SO FUN and effective! 

Travel Friendly Size 

When designing the Daily Grind Planner, I wanted to make sure the size and durability of the product would withstand using it day-to-day and taking it with me wherever I go. The Summer Clip-In Covers have metal corner protectors and the Daily Grind Planner’s 7”x10” hardcover design makes it PERFECT to travel with, throw into your bookbag or to carry to and from class. 

Plan Like a Pro

With all your Summer Accessories in hand, you’ll be planning for the rest of the month like a PRO! You’ll have everything you need to maximize your Daily Grind Planner AND to decorate it to your liking to fit your personality. I mean . . . could you ask for anything more perfect? You’ll be goal setting, tracking your progress and mapping out your day with ease AND making the planning experience a fun “me time” moment for yourself every single day. With the Summer Kit Bundle, you’ll be prepped with everything you need to easily transition into the next season and be ready to tackle a new routine with ease. 

Don’t miss the chance to be FULLY READY to tackle this “Back to School” season with the Daily Grind Planner and ALL the Summer Accessories on sale NOW! This is the perfect moment to stock up on our Summer Collection to set up the perfect “Back to School” routine, manage a new schedule like a pro, and have everything you need so you don’t go without while you wait in anticipation for UPCOMING seasonal planner goodies! Let’s finish out the summer season STRONG and act FAST on the End of Summer Sale! All our DGP summer goodies are a LIMITED EDITION collection so once it’s gone, it’s gone for good! 


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