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In honor of National Planner Day this week, I thought . . . why not focus on the POWER of the Daily Grind Planner and the life-changing effect it’s had not only on my life, but for so many others. The Daily Grind Planner is a culmination of years-worth of creating a system that has helped me stay focused on the goals that matter most to me. The idea for the Daily Grind Planner stemmed from a selfish desire to save time by not having to draw out the bullet journal planner layout everyday like I had been doing for years. Now, the Daily Grind Planner has become a HUGE timesaver and a reliable tool for goal setting, action planning, vision creation, and is used by thousands all across the globe.

My goal has always been to inspire others to dream big and live a life by their own design. The Daily Grind Planner is truly an extension to that purpose. The core of the Daily Grind brand is to create resources that will truly help people eliminate the overwhelm of daily life, and make room to focus on their own dreams & aspirations.

As “the first planner you’ll use from cover to cover,” the Daily Grind Planner is such a game changer in helping you follow through on your goals, track your progress, and make serious *ISH happen. The strategy of the planner is simple but VERY effective in gaining clarity, making time for what matters to you, and remaining consistent in completing small tasks every day to accomplish ANY goal. 

Hearing other people’s stories about how the Daily Grind Planner has helped them achieve DREAM goals they’ve been too afraid to act on, refocus their daily habits to create routines that actually WORK, and live their happiest, most fulfilled lives MEANS THE WORLD! Seeing the impact the Daily Grind Planner has had on SO many is incredibly special and makes me so proud to see how people have CHANGED THEIR LIVES for the better using the Daily Grind Planner.

So let’s dive right in, shall we? Let’s take a deeper look at the power behind the Daily Grind Planner and why it’s the planner you’ve always dreamt of . . . but never knew you needed.


The heart of the Daily Grind system is goal setting and that’s what truly makes the Daily Grind Planner stand out from the rest. Everyday, users of the Daily Grind Planner get to decipher their “fluff” tasks from the needle moving tasks and track their habits to provide accountability and regular gut-checks. For anyone who feels their time is being spent focusing on serving other people’s goals, or worse, you’re never clear on where your time is going, just know that the Daily Grind Planner was created with YOU in mind. 

With the intent on helping you set SUPER clear and measurable goals, and the assistance of new tools like our Habit Tracking Challenge Insert to elevate your goal setting journey, the Daily Grind Planner was created to help you prioritize and actually achieve the goals that matter to YOU. 



The Daily Grind Planner (it’s even in the name!) is a daily planner that’s meant to keep your BIGGEST goals at the forefront of your mind. Rather than just leaving you with a blank space to fill your schedule and write your “to-do” list, the Daily Grind Planner provides you with WAY more structure. With the main focus on your Top 10 goals that you’ve committed to for the month ahead, you’re also able to easily track your daily progress on those goals with extra room to map out your day ahead, prioritize 3 main goals that become your non-negotiables for the day, jot down important meetings or appointments to stay on track AND focus on gratitude and self-care all on ONE page! Talk about efficiency! The setup of the daily pages in the Daily Grind Planner allow you to maximize each day to the fullest and unlock your true potential. 


Creating a high quality planner is of the utmost importance to me! The Daily Grind Planner is built to LAST and I’ve tested so many different variations over the years to ensure that the quality of the current Daily Grind Planner is *chefs kiss! With a hardcover front and back and metal corner protectors, you can trust that the Daily Grind Planner will withstand your “daily grind” no matter where life takes you. I love that the planner is SUPER travel friendly and it’s so easy to take with me wherever I go!

PLUS, and this is one of my favorite parts, the thick 148 GSM paper of the Daily Grind Planner ensures a superior writing experience and is guaranteed to stop any bleed through. For someone like me who loves using highlighters, I wanted to make sure these pages were TOP QUALITY. 


Like I said earlier, I used to draw out the Daily Grind Planner layout DAILY. Which I loved but it seriously took up A LOT of time. To take away the overwhelm of having to set it up yourself, the Daily Grind Planner is a full-blown copy of all my hand drawn, bujo inspired planning pages so that you can start tracking your goals immediately. AND for those of you who still love to express your creativity and doodle in your planners, there are tons of extra blank dot grid pages for the Daily Grind Planner that allow you to let your imagination soar. With both page design options in the Daily Grind Planner, you get the best of both worlds! 


One of my favorite features of the Daily Grind Planner is our NEW discbound binding, which includes ten sturdy 35mm discs that allows you to EASILY customize your planner to your liking. Whether you’re moving pages around, changing out your planner cover OR removing pages to fill them out with ease without the spine getting in the way, the discbound feature is AMAZING and helps you effortlessly keep your planner up-to-date!

I can’t forget to mention how much I LOVE adding even more character to my Daily Grind Planner by using our custom pens, highlighters, tab dividers and STICKERS! Everything was created with the size of the Daily Grind Planner in mind, even down to the width of the highlighters and stickers so they perfectly match the size of the pre-drawn boxes on every daily page. I mean . . . how much better can you get?!?! Adding fun stickers and tab dividers take the Daily Grind Planner to another level! 


Speaking of covers, the unique designs of the various Daily Grind Planner covers are a true reflection of me, my aesthetic, and the things that I not only love but that I love sharing with you. I love the chance to express my creativity and aesthetic in the Daily Grind Planner designs and it means so much to see how they bring our Daily Grind users joy and excitement when using their planners. And, if you know me well, you know I’m ALL about making sure the Daily Grind Planner covers match the vibe of every special season throughout the year! I truly believe it’s WAY more fun to plan in style, use planning tools that excite you, and stay true to yourself!


I’ve always said that the Daily Grind community isn’t just a group of people who love planning, but it’s a TRUE family that’s always supportive, empowering, and uplifting. I love our corner of the internet because our Daily Grind community is SO inspiring and motivational. From seeing their progress and hearing their stories - there’s just nothing like it! Our ever-growing support group for all Daily Grind users is full of like-minded planner enthusiasts who genuinely want to see each other CRUSH their goals! The encouragement, bonus accountability, tutorials, LIVE 'hangouts', & the 1-1 support offered in this group is truly ... unmatched!

As you can see, the impact of the Daily Grind Planner and everything it has to offer is insanely POWERFUL! I’ve witnessed firsthand how the Daily Grind Planner transforms lives, fosters community, and effects positive change. The power of the Daily Grind Planner has helped thousands of people believe in themselves, take action in going after their goals, and turn their dreams into reality.


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