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The NEWEST addition to the Daily Grind Planner has become the ultimate game changer! The new Habit Tracking Insert is a 31 day habit tracking challenge that has EVERYTHING you need to set up your top habits and build a routine that works for YOU. 

The Daily Grind Planning System COMPLETELY changed what I was able to accomplish in just a few months. Last year, I added a quick and simple habit tracking system to my morning planning session and the goal achieving game changed forever. I was finally able to clearly see why certain goals were moving forward and why I felt so stuck with others. I broke barriers and never looked back. 

I am a firm believer in habit tracking so here’s a breakdown on how the power of habit tracking can truly change your life. 


Habit tracking is SO powerful and really is the game changer for daily planning and adopting life-changing habits. When using your Daily Grind Planner, you get started by setting 10 SUPER specific monthly goals to focus on. Your habits can sometimes align with those goals, and usually help move them along. But with the Habit Tracking Insert, you’ll get the creative wheels turning on what your goals should be and ACTUALLY making sure your habits align with them. Tracking your personal habits to ensure they improve your life and align with your goals will make such a positive, long-term impact. 


Habit tracking can be a gradual process where you focus on one or even two small habits that you incorporate into your daily routine. Once you notice the impact of habit tracking these small steps that will inevitably move you forward in your goal setting, it can become a domino effect into adopting even more healthy habits. For starters, you can focus on just simply tracking your daily water intake or making home cooked meals four times a week. Starting small will really help you become comfortable with habit tracking and will help you grow in adopting even more healthy habits into your life.


Good habits that align with your goals will help you more quickly accomplish them. And tracking them will enhance your self awareness of your actions. Habit tracking will encourage you to become even more mindful of your daily actions and choices. By tracking your habits, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of your behaviors and tendencies and help you stay on track with habits that align with your goals.


Tracking our habits creates a sense of accountability and the Daily Grind Planner is all about holding yourself accountable to your goals. When you record your progress, you feel a sense of responsibility to continue following through with your intentions. Visualizing your progress and tracking your improvement on your daily habits can be incredibly motivating! And the BEST thing you can do is remain consistent in your habit tracking and daily planning. Consistency is KEY to implementing change and growth! 


Habit tracking is the first step in truly building a routine that works for YOU! By breaking down your day and tracking your daily habits, you can actually see how you prioritize your habits within a 24-hour day. Struggling to become a morning person? Track the time you wake up in the morning and make a conscious effort to improve that time daily and write it down. By tracking those small improvements, you will quickly create a new routine for yourself that brings you one step closer to achieving your goals. 


We all have habits, both good and sometimes bad. It can be super easy to fall into patterns where we repeat these daily habits. For the good habits, that’s AMAZING! But for the bad habits, not so much. It can be really hard to recognize when we’ve adopted bad habits and even harder to have the strength to know how or when to change them. Habit tracking can really help in identifying triggers that prompt certain behaviors that result in bad habits. For example, tracking unhealthy eating habits may reveal that stress is a huge trigger. By recognizing patterns that trigger bad habits, you can address them way more easily and find healthier alternatives to cope with stress or whatever is stopping you from CRUSHING your goals. 


Your mood can SIGNIFICANTLY impact your daily habits. Your mood can be affected by external circumstances like the weather or stressful situations and can even be thrown off based on how many hours you’ve slept and whether or not you’ve had a good night’s rest. And vice versa, your habits can TRULY impact your mood. They work hand in hand! Take the time to not only track your habits, but also your mood and see how they align with one another. 


We’re all human and we all have slip-ups or disruptions in life that throw us off track from our routines. Habit tracking really helps in those moments to identify when we deviate from our healthy habits or goals. And habit tracking makes it SO much easier to course-correct and get back on track without self-judgment. 


Progress, no matter how small, deserves celebration. Habit tracking gives you actual evidence of your progress and all your efforts toward self-improvement. Habit tracking makes it that much easier to acknowledge and celebrate even the smallest positive changes in your life. And those small changes will truly have a BIG impact in your life. Celebrating your progress, whether it’s in habit tracking or goal setting, reinforces that feeling of accomplishment and will keep you motivated to stay committed to what’s important to you.

Need I say more??Habit tracking is SUCH a game changer in helping you align your goals with your habits and achieving your goals more quickly to transform your life. Ready to align your goals with your habits? With the Daily Grind Habit Tracking Insert, get ready to see how the power of habit tracking can TRULY change your life.

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