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Are you ready to take your cleaning game to the next level??? I’ve been in a SERIOUS deep-cleaning mode lately (again, iykyk). And you guys have been sharing how my Extreme Cleaning and Declutter & Organize videos are giving you TONS of motivation to do the same. So I figured I’d share my tips and tricks for an EPIC deep clean here in the blog! 

Doing an extreme deep clean and declutter/reorganization can be a daunting task, but the result is SO worth it! You will give your living space and your daily habits a fresh start and the feeling after a deep clean and declutter is so rewarding. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and transform your living spaces into a clean and spotless haven! If you’re ready for the ultimate declutter and cleaning motivation, then keep reading! 


Okay first things first, you need a game plan before you start tackling a mountain of cleaning and decluttering. Map out where you need to declutter and deep clean and take the time to make a game plan. Whether you use your planner, a calendar or a bunch of post-it notes, seriously take the time to create a schedule to help you visualize your overall game plan. Also, it’s SUPER important to set realistic deadlines for your tasks ahead. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Take your time to be thorough with your deep cleaning and decluttering process so that you don’t stress yourself out. 


Start by working your way from the top down in your spaces and then break down each room into smaller sections so cleaning and decluttering is more manageable. Say you’re working on cleaning your kitchen. Break down your “kitchen declutter” by focusing first on the cabinets, then the pantry, then the refrigerator, then countertops and drawers, then the floors . . .you get what I mean! This really helps avoiding overwhelm plus keeps you focused on one section at a time and keeps the cleaning process quickly moving along.  


The best thing you can do is stock up on all the cleaning tools and supplies you need to tackle your EPIC deep cleaning so that you don’t interrupt your flow. Grab the cleaning products you need in advance to help make life easier on you. Another tip: carry around garbage bags and spare bins to help you stay organized while decluttering. Sometimes decluttering makes an even BIGGER mess than before, so use bags or bins to help keep things in a specific place rather than thrown around the room. BIGGEST TIP OF THE DAY: Wear gloves! Using harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions can mess your skin and leave your hands feeling dry and cracked, so protect your hands and wear some gloves. You’ll thank me for it later! 


Hyping myself up with a solid game plan and the motivation to refresh my space really gets me going, but to pass the time, I really enjoy listening to an audiobook or binge-watching a TV show or some of my favorite movies while deep cleaning and organizing. If you need some extra motivation or distraction while you’re cleaning, throw on a motivational podcast or playlist to boost your mood and get you feeling ready to tackle all the things! 


Assess your spaces and determine which things you can donate, resell or gift to friends, neighbors or family. Don’t automatically throw everything away! If you’re looking to get rid of clothing, products, or items that no longer bring you joy or are barely used, see if you can give them a better home! Also, one of the best parts to me about deep cleaning and decluttering is finding things I forgot I had and being able to use them again. It’s like going on a shopping spree without spending anything! 


Best thing you can do when cleaning or purging, ask yourself “Have I used this within the last year?” If the answer is no, LET IT GO! Clothing and shoes are one of the hardest things for me to part with BUT if I ask myself this question, I try not to overthink the answer and just go with my gut. And once I’m on a roll, it’s SO much easier to keep going! 


I can’t recommend this more! Double check all the expiration dates on your skincare and makeup products. You’d be surprised by how many of them might already be expired, old or growing mold. I know…EWWW gross! Chuck those products immediately because NO ONE needs to be using expired or nasty products. ALSO, take inventory of the products you already have. This can help you avoid overbuying in the future AND cluttering up your spaces again with duplicates of things you already own. If you watched my videos, you’d know I had TOO many bottles of mouthwash! Consolidate multiple products into one to free up more space if you can. 


After you’ve decluttered and purged your spaces, go in and give everything a good deep clean! Wipe down every drawer, shelf and all your products and bottles individually. Wash the things that haven’t been tended to in awhile, like your makeup brushes or appliances like your grill. And I know it’s gross but don’t be afraid to move your furniture and get into all those smaller spaces that are collecting dirt and grime. Those nooks and crannies NEED to be cleaned out, and now’s the time to do it! Get yourself the proper tools like a steam cleaner or little mini brushes to get into all those tiny spaces. You’ll instantly see how much of a difference cleaning out all that grease and grime makes! 


Now that you’ve decluttered and given everything a good deep clean, it’s time to reorganize your space more efficiently. If you’re trying to change up your habits or your spaces aren’t being utilized in the best way, now’s the time to make a change and shake things up! Find new organizers to optimize your living space. Rearrange your furniture to give your space a new vibe and take charge in changing up where you place the things you need to maximize your space efficiently. 



Here’s where you can have some FUN and finish your extreme deep clean and declutter with a “treat yourself” moment! Not only will you now get to fully enjoy a totally refreshed and clean space, but it’s the perfect opportunity to switch up your decor vibe to really spruce things up. I’m loving the minimalistic vibes lately so decluttering, purging, and rearranging things to match that aesthetic has been a total game changer for me. Take advantage of this new and tidy space to make it what you REALLY want! 

I get it . . . a deep clean and extreme declutter can be tedious work. The key is to not get stressed out. Take it in chunks, take your time, and focus on realistic deadlines. Go in with a solid game plan and stick with it. You’ll be breezing through this deep clean in no time and you’ll feel SO much better and SUPER proud of yourself when it’s all done. You’ve got this! Happy cleaning!


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