3 Steps To Boost Your Mood
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3 Steps To Boost Your Mood

Hey dudes! I'm excited to go over my 3 steps to boost your mood. With the weather changing, and the days getting shorter, I find it takes a little more effort on my part to beat the winter blues. When I prioritize my mood and include these 3 steps in my Top 10 goals in my Daily Grind Planner or as a daily habit in my Habit Tracker, it makes ALL the difference! Any time you are feeling down, or just need a boost in motivation, work your way through this list and watch your day get a little brighter!

Step 1: Start with the "essentials".

Sometimes when you feel like you're in a bad mood spiral, you just need to gain a little momentum. You can do this by checking a few super simple things off your to do list! You'll feel accomplished, motivated, and loved. No matter WHAT, check these items off your list:
A) Wash your face and do a super simple skin care routine. Don't overwhelm yourself with a 12 step routine... just enough to make you feel good!
B) Make your bed. This may seem random and so small, but I promise you it makes your whole life feel "put together".
C) Take three deep breaths. Sometimes, you just need to take a minute and get out of your own head!

Step 2: Create your own motivation.

Now that you've gained some momentum with your 3 essentials, you'r going to turn that momentum into full blown motivation! Start taking some ACTION to really turn your mood around by diving into this motivation check list:
A) Clean one space (big or small!).
B) Make some tea or your favorite cozy beverage.
C) Light a candle.
D) Have a relaxing bath.
E) Sit down for 5 solid minutes and brain dump everything you're grateful for!
F) Take a break from social media. (I suggest AT LEAST 3 hours).

Step 3: Up the ante!

Ready to REALLY turn your day around?? Check these 3 things off your list and watch your mood completely change!
A) Do a workout for 20 mins or more (anything from a brisk walk, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, etc.)
B) Spend at least 10 minutes outside. The fresh air and sunshine can really make you feel like a whole new person!
C) Do a 5 minute meditation. Take a break from the world around you and reconnect with YOU!
I know on those harder days, it can feel overwhelming to even do the little things like wash your face or make the bed. Save this blog post to the shortcuts on your phone so next time you need a little mood boost, you can refer back to this check list and turn your day around! Talk to you soon!

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