The Planner Lover's Holiday Gift Guide
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The Planner Lover's Holiday Gift Guide

Hey guys! This week I'm sharing my "Planner Lover's Holiday Gift Guide" for all my last minute holiday shoppers out there. If you're looking for the perfect holiday gifts for someone who loves to plan and stay organized, we've got you covered! Check out some of these holiday gift ideas for the person who LOVES to plan.



Undated Planner or Bullet Journal: Gift a high-quality planner or a customizable bullet journal to help them keep track of their schedule, goals, and tasks. Look for ones with monthly and weekly views, as well as space for notes and doodles!




 High Quality Pens and Markers:  A set of high-quality pens or markers can make the planning process way more fun! Consider pens with different colors for color-coding or special double tipped markers for highlighting important events.




Cute Desk Accessories: Help them create an organized and vibey workspace with cute desk accessories such as a pen holder, file organizers, or a desk organizer.



Time Management Tools: Consider gifting tools like a Pomodoro timer, which can help them stay focused and manage their time effectively during work or study sessions! Another good option to help with time management is the book "The 12 Week Year". This book can be a total game changer when it comes to accomplishing more goals in a shorter amount of time.



Digital Options: A digital planner or a tablet with a stylus can be a great gift for those who prefer electronic planning. There are various apps and templates available for digital planning and note-taking!




Personalized Stationery: Personalized stationery, including custom notebooks, notepads, or sticky notes, adds a thoughtful touch to their planning tools.



Subscription to Planning Apps: Gift a subscription to a premium planning app or software that aligns with their organizational style. Many apps offer advanced features for tracking goals, managing projects, and scheduling.



Workspace Upgrades: Consider upgrading their workspace with ergonomic accessories like a comfortable chair, a cute new desk lamp, or a monitor stand to level up their planning sessions!



Motivational Wall Art: Decorate their workspace with motivational wall art or posters that inspire productivity and encourage them to take action towards their goals!



Tools For Planning On The Go: Pick out some travel friendly accessories for planning on the go. Some great ideas are a travel case for their planner, a pouch for all of their pens and markers, or a travel backpack that can hold all of their planning gear!



Try not to stress too much about gift giving this holiday season. Trust your gut and remember that it's the gesture that counts! Happy Holidays!

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