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Okay you guys. . . here’s the tea. Daily planners are an absolute GAME CHANGER! If you’re looking to achieve big goals and make a difference in your life, daily planners are vital in keeping you organized and focused while holding you accountable. If you break down your goals, map out your daily to-do’s, schedule your day and prioritize time management, you’d be surprised just how much you can get done in a day AND how much closer you’ll get to achieving your goals. 

But here’s some PIPING HOT tea for ya…are you ready for it? Breaking down your big goals into simplified, manageable tasks is the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It’s that simple!  

With The Daily Grind Planner, you’re already given the tools to break down your aspirations into your Top 10 Goals. You’ll track how well you prioritize these Top 10 Goals AND you’ll visibly see the progress you’ve tracked in accomplishing them across a 4-month timespan. 

I mean. . .what more can you ask for? 

The Daily Grind Planner is a culmination of YEARS spent creating a system that has helped me stick to my Top 10 Goals. The design of the Daily Grind Planner is formatted like a bullet journal, but the best part is that it’s already pre-drawn for you! It immediately eliminates the overwhelm of having to build each page out yourself PLUS its layout helps you gain clarity on your goals, plan your day ahead to prioritize time for those goals, and holds you accountable while tracking your progress. 

The beauty of the Daily Grind Planner is not just the formatting and design, but at its core, the Daily Grind legitimizes how repetition of your goals builds daily accountability. To make any amount of progress or difference in your life, consistency is half the battle! And the Daily Grind Planner is your BFF to get the job done, keep you consistent, and change your life. You won’t believe how much you can achieve in just 4 months! Believe me, it’s MAGIC, but you have to be committed and stay motivated. 

Using a daily planner, like The Daily Grind Planner, helps you create a structured plan and pinpoint what you need to accomplish each day to get closer toward achieving your goals. By enhancing your productivity and accountability, finetuning your goals, and tracking your progress, daily planners are the tool you need to MAKE *ISH HAPPEN!

Here are some SUPER helpful tips on how to break down your biggest goals using a daily planner:

  1. Define Your BIG GOALS: Start by clearly defining your aspirations. Make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, and meaningful to YOU. The Daily Grind Planner reminds you of your Top 10 Goals on a daily basis to help you stay motivated. Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG, just make sure you simplify your goals to keep focused. From buying a house or planning a dream vacation to finishing school or starting a side business, none of these goals are going to come to fruition unless you DO THE WORK. Daily progress is going to move the needle forward to turn those dreams into reality. 
  2. Jot Down Your To Dos: In order to break down those big goals of yours even more, you need to assign yourself daily “To Dos.” The Daily Grind Planner sets you up for success by having you re-write your Top 10 Monthly Goals on a daily basis…WHY?? Because REPETITION IS KEY… with space to jot down your Top 10 “To Dos.” These “To Dos” are meant to be one action item, big or small, that you assign to each of your Top 10 Goals. Think of them as stepping stones to help you achieve your larger objective. For example, if you want to take your family on a vacation of a lifetime, one of your Top 10 Goals should be, “Dream Vacation” and make one of your daily “To Dos” something like “Contact Travel Agency” or “Save $50 Today.” Your daily “To Dos” should be achievable to help you get one step closer to CRUSHING your goals.
  3. Identify 3 Needle Movers: Assess your Top 10 Monthly Goals and your 10 Daily “To Dos” and determine which of these 3 tasks are needle movers for your day ahead. These 3 tasks are NON-NEGOTIABLES that you choose to prioritize for that day. The Daily Grind Planner provides a “Top 3 Movers Today” section where you can clearly write down your 3 needle movers to focus on amidst your daily tasks. Accomplishing these 3 needle movers each day is how you LIVE the daily grind! 
  4. Form A Game Plan: Help yourself by writing out a schedule for your day ahead to help with time management. This “bird’s eye view” of your day shows you where you can invest time toward your goals while balancing your work and other commitments. 
  5. Set Reminders: Days can easily become jumbled with all the other things that make everyday life messy, which provide a “not so ideal” opportunity for you to fall off-track and be deterred from prioritizing your goals. Set yourself some friendly reminders of things you don’t want to forget like appointments or meetings, but make sure they don’t take you away from your goals. Practice a healthy balance of goal setting, worklife, and commitments, so that you can easily tackle it all without making excuses for not showing up for yourself. 
  6. Don’t Be Afraid of Deadlines: If you REALLY want to hold yourself accountable, practice assigning a deadline to a task that’s super important to you. The Daily Grind Planner blocks out a four month timeline for you to achieve your goals, but if you want to tackle something in less time, YOU CAN! Creating a sense of urgency can help you stay accountable, so consider making a soft or hard deadline for some of your Top 10 Goals if you’re ambitious to complete them in a quicker time frame. If this concept excites you, you are going to SLAY your goals in no time!
  7. It’s Okay to Make Adjustments: The beauty of The Daily Grind Planner is the focus on repetition. Repeatedly seeing your goals certainly helps you stay focused, but know that it’s also okay to reflect and reassess. Don’t be afraid to change things up! If you don’t feel like you’re making progress, you’ve discovered a better path toward accomplishing your goal OR you want to change your goal entirely, GO FOR IT! Do whatever is going to help you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Daily planners are a baseline to help you get to where you want to go, but you’re in the driver’s seat. Take control, make adjustments, and get back on track to crushing your goals! 
  8. Stay Organized: Organization isn’t everyone’s strong suit, BUT with The Daily Grind Planner, you don’t have to worry about being the organizer. We’ve taken care of that for you! The Daily Grind Planner is designed with all your needs in mind to help you keep goal setting fun, fulfilling and organized. With daily and weekly planning sheets, weekly and monthly review pages and bonus blank dot grids and checklists, you can put all your thoughts, goals, and ideas onto paper in an organized fashion while daring you to DREAM BIG.  

Remember these steps when goal setting and using your daily planner. By breaking down your big goals into simplified, manageable tasks, you set yourself up for steady progress and success. Follow these steps and grab yourself a Daily Grind Planner so you can stay organized, focused, and motivated on your journey towards achieving your goals.


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