Knowing Your Worth: How to Be Happier
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Knowing Your Worth: How to Be Happier

What's up dudes! Today we're going to chat about a common question that we all want the answer to... "How can I be happier?".

It can be easy to try and find happiness in the external things. Things like food, parties, other people, new cars, etc. These things might make you feel happier for a little while, but it's only temporary. I'm more interested in talking about the happiness that you create from within you! The kind of happiness that is lasting and makes you GLOW from the inside out! We are going to go over the 6 steps to knowing your worth and being the happiest you've ever been. Are you ready? Let's do this!!

Step 1: Block Out The Noise

We are constantly surrounded by noise. The news, social media, the opinions of friends and family... the list goes on! All that noise can really start to distract us from our goals and our personal growth. Where focus goes, energy flows! We need to make sure we are putting that energy towards the right things. Here are some ways you can block out the noise:

- Focus on gaining clarity around your goals, what you really want, and the habits that will get you there. The Dream Life Blueprint workbook was a game changer for me when it came to figuring out who I was, where I wanted to be, and HOW to get there!

- Control the controllable by setting "focus" hours on your phone where you don't receive any notifications. Make sure to protect your time and energy!

- Be careful of the advice you take. If someone is sharing their opinion or advice with you about your goals, ask yourself "Is this person currently living the life I would love to live?". If the answer is "no", then let their opinion go.


Step 2: Self Assessment 

Okay, it's time to get real with you. You will never be able to grow beyond what you think you are capable of achieving. You need to fully believe that you can make big things happen, but in order to do that, you have to prove it to yourself with ACTION! The first step in this process is knowing where you are, so you can plan for where you want to go. This is where self assessment comes in:

- Track your daily habits and other factors to pin point trends throughout your day. Are you more productive when you wake up early? Do you have more energy to crush your day when you get a workout in? Are you in a lower mental state when you spend too much time scrolling on social media?

- Based off of the trends that you find... what can you change to do better in the future? Can you start waking up earlier? Can you carve out more time to get outside in the fresh air? Start setting yourself up for success with your daily schedule.


Step 3: Treat Your Time Like Money

Your time is the one resource you can NEVER get back! So do a quick audit here... what are you doing with your time that is not serving YOU? Ask yourself these questions:

- How much time do I spend scrolling through social media daily?

- Do I say "YES" to things/events/ etc. just because I want to please the people around me?

- Does "me time" come second to doing things for everyone else (like staying late at my 9-5 job I hate instead of working on my side hustle that I'm passionate about)?

If you didn't like your answer to any of these questions, it's time to pivot and prioritize your happiness over people pleasing.


Step 4: Set Boundaries

"Instead of asking why it keeps happening, start asking why you keep allowing it to happen." - The Dream Life Blueprint

Setting boundaries in your life in order to protect your peace is a MUST when it comes to upping your internal vibration of happiness. Use the answers to these 10 questions to help you assess how you can set boundaries and move towards growth:

- I feel most drained when...

- My biggest stressor right now is...

- Someone I need to work on forgiving is...

- I can simplify my life by removing...

- Someone I need to set boundaries with...

- I feel most calm when...

- I feel most relaxed when I do this...

- Something I can organize...

- Something I can start saying no to...

- Picture yourself at your happiest, what do you see?


Step 5: Prioritizing "You" Time

To really "prioritize" something, it has to feel like a "no matter what" to you! The way I like to do this is by scheduling "me time" into my calendar as if it was a meeting that I can NOT be late for! This can feel counterintuitive, especially if you are the type of person that only feels productive when they're working... but stay with me on this! When you prioritize your self care habits, everything else starts to fall into place. In Step 2, you tracked your habits and some of the variables that affect you (if you worked out, how much outside time you had, what time you woke up, etc.). Now we are going to take that information and put it into action! Let's go! :

- Pick 5 habits that you know raise your internal vibration of happiness and never fail to help you have a great day (workout, meditation, stretch, read, outside time, wake up early, etc.)

- Commit to sticking to them and tracking these 5 habits for 31 days. Create a weekly routine and schedule these habits into your day (just like an appointment!). I love to use the Habit Tracking insert in my Daily Grind planner so I can keep my 5 habits in front of me daily and watch my progress throughout the month!


Step 6: "Lucky Girl Syndrome"

I'm going to say this one more time, just to make sure it really sticks with you... 

"Where focus goes, energy flows." - Tony Robbins

If you focus on the annoying, inconvenient things that happen to you throughout your day... you will find more and more things to be annoyed and inconvenienced by. If you focus on the incredible, beautiful things in your day (big or small)... you will find more and more incredible and beautiful things to be grateful for. The energy that you put into those little "lucky" moments throughout your day works like a magnet. It starts to pull more and more things into your life that you can be grateful for! Life is happening FOR you, not TO you... and when you can put your focus on the good things, you become the happiest and luckiest girl (or guy) in the world!


I want you to remember that, at the end of the day, YOU are in total control of your life. You can choose to take action, and become the best version of yourself! You can choose to wake up each day feeling motivated and excited about your future. You can make time to focus on the incredible things that are happening for you and carve out all of the toxicity and noise. It's all in your hands! So I hope you take these 6 steps I outlined above and start taking action toward a bigger and brighter tomorrow, because you and I both know that you deserve it!  Bye dudes!



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