How to Plan a Valentine’s Day in 5 Simple Steps
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How to Plan a Valentine’s Day in 5 Simple Steps

Wondering how to plan a Valentine’s Day that’s unforgettable for both of you? Continue reading this article.  

It’s that time of the year again – YES, Valentine’s Day is here! 

And here before us is another chance to show the special one in our lives just how much we love and appreciate them. Well, we should show our loved ones we care everyday, but Valentine’s Day gives us that little extra excuse to go all-out. Any reason to pop a little bubbly & indulge in some chocolate covered strawberries is fine by me!

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love you nourish throughout the year. It’s the perfect time to recognize how far you have come with your significant other, reminisce about the good times & and a chance to look into the future

It is indeed a special day for two and should be treated like so. 

That got me thinking – what makes a great Valentine’s day date? And how can I help you plan a Valentine’s day for your significant other that’s unforgettable? Because don’t we all love a little pampering every now and then, am I right?

Well dudes, today’s your lucky day ... and maybe you could’ve guessed where I was going with this, but the answer is in the PLANNING! 

And trust me, I know a thing or two about planning. It’s kind of my thing, lol.

With proper planning, Valentine’s Day can be just as fun WITHOUT breaking the bank…Now, what if you’re not sure how to make Valentine’s Day feel a little more special than years prior? 

No worries – follow these FIVE steps to have a Valentine’s Day for the books!

1. Grab your bullet journal

If you’re anything like me, you probably already know that written plans are the BEST plans. Actually, did you know that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down? Well, the same applies to PLANNING!

You are much more likely to develop an effective plan - and follow through with it - if you write it down. And that’s exactly what we are going to do in order to plan a Valentine’s day that you simply won’t forget.

So, grab your bullet journal, your favorite pen, some highlighters, even a few fun stickers to spice things up, and let’s get the ball rolling. 

Don’t have a daily planner or a bullet journal? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Take a look at our STUNNING collection of bullet journals designed to reduce overwhelm, increase focus, and write down all sorts of plans and goals.

Bonus fun: if you write your Valentine’s plan down, you will have one more way to REMEMBER what an awesome day you had with your significant other… kind of like a keepsake so you can always go back to it and reminisce about it for years to come.

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2. Set your intentions

Now that you have your bullet journal, you are all set for the next step of planning a Valentine’s day. I have found out that, as with everything else, having CLEAR goals and intentions matter -  and I am here to help you visualize them.

Maybe this is your first Valentine’s Day together and you are a little nervous or unsure how elaborate this day needs to be …or maybe it is your 10th but you are short on ideas on how to make it memorable again & bring back that same SPARK from the first year!

Yup, been there, done that. And I totally get it!

In either and any case, it all boils down to the message you want to send to the other person. So, intentions REALLY do matter.

Chances are you say a quick “love you” in passing when you leave each other for work in the mornings or at night before bed on a daily basis, but the “when, where, and how” of this expression of love will be vastly different and you want your expression of the love you have for this person to display a little something extra this time around!!

Use Valentine’s Day as a medium to fully express your feelings. Tell your partner that you love them and let them know why, show deep appreciation, and/or offer support or thank them for theirs.

These heartfelt expressions go above and beyond regular relationship behaviors. And I know for a fact that this will really help you strengthen yours!

Think about how often we don’t communicate our feelings CLEARLY…and our partner may not always get that validation of how appreciated they are in our lives! … Trust me, my husband and I have been together for 20 years!! So surely there are moments as we’re going about our daily lives & forget to show our appreciation for one another after all this time!

(… Actually, a little fun, personal fact — Our official ‘dating’ anniversary is ON Valentines Day, 20 years ago as of 2023 … perhaps it’s a little clearer part of the reason I consider this holiday a big deal!! LOL <3 )

So, here’s your chance to step up your game a little bit and take matters into your own hands. Life is short…and it’s never too late to show our loved ones how MUCH we love them!

3. Find the perfect place

Okay, you have thought about just how much you love your partner and how you want to express that, right? Ao, now we take action!

Grab your bullet journal, make yourself a cup of hot tea, coffee … or heck! Pour a glass of champagne if you want to get a little fancy, and let’s get down to writing. This is my favorite part!

plan a valentine's day

You can set the stage for a special Valentine’s Day with one of the following cute date ideas:

  • Romantic dinner

A cozy table for two and a candlelit dinner – who doesn’t love quality time & some yummy food & drinks?! Most restaurants offer special Valentine’s Day menus, entertainment, and prices.

Been looking to take your lover to that new 5-star place in town, or simply trying to just test something new together? Finally, this might be just the PERFECT reason you needed!

Not sure where to go?...Check your nearest rooftop restaurants - nothing screams “romantic” more than a gorgeous rooftop with a sunset view! However, it doesn’t have to be fancy either - maybe your vibe is just keeping it casual by grabbing a couple juicy cheeseburgers with fries & having a little living room picnic at home!! Either way, browse for the best local restaurants that offer whatever it is you can enjoy TOGETHER!

A couple of Google searches and make sure to filter out by the best REVIEWS…then, cross-compare the best price-quality relationship, and choose something that fits your budget!!

And let me tell you a little trick of mine.

Check around for special Valentine’s Day events or activities in town. Your local movie theater will likely have special viewings of some fun rom-coms or love stories for viewing. Also check with your partner’s favorite yoga studio, art gallery, or brewery. Places like these typically offer Valentine’s Day events as well!

These are just some other awesome ways to plan a Valentine’s day that’s a little different and goes a bit beyond the chiches of flowers & chocolate! (… Although those are still great, I’ll never complain from receiving fresh flowers or sweets!)

A fun evening out together is a great way to share an interest you both have, spend some quality, unplugged time together, OR to support your partner for something they enjoy.

Just make sure to write down all ideas in your bullet journal planner - then, evaluate the pros and cons of each one, and figure it out! I hope this is getting you a little more excited to make it a celebration!

  • Warm night at home

To some, going on a night out on Valentine’s Day might feel a bit overrated, or you simply may not have the time to fit it in for whatever reason, it happens!

Instead of focusing on your sweetheart, you are overwhelmed by boisterous crowds or the stress from finding parking space, securing the highly sought-after restaurant reservations, or overpaying for flowers. Ugh!

Or maybe it’s just too much of an expense compared to your financial goals right now… which is nothing to be ashamed of. But seriously dude … you DON’T have to break the bank in order to have an amazing time.

So, I have another idea for you.

This year, you can choose to stay in and plan a Valentine’s day at home that will be just as magical! My husband and I LOVE to travel & go out to amazing restaurants … but we can also be SERIOUS homebodies at times, so sometimes a date-night in is exactly what we crave!

I’ve collected a few great ideas to make V-Day a special one for you and your significant other.

Check these out:

  1. Plan a patio picnic
  2. Have a love letter exchange
  3. Create something (anything!) together
  4. Coordinate a romantic cocktail hour
  5. Do a virtual cooking class
  6. Take dance lessons online
  7. Make an at-home spa
  8. Have a fun game-night
  9. Plan your next vacation
  10. Recreate your favorite dates … or your FIRST date!

It will take a bit of PLANNING to pull something memorable off Valentine’s Day, but with some creativity, you can find meaningful and profound activities that will make your stay-home celebration just as memorable.

Hopefully I gave you some new ideas you hadn’t thought of before!

The ones I have mentioned will help you connect heart-to-heart with your significant other without all that hassle from an outing…and isn’t that the point after all?

Use this moment to pamper and spoil your lover. Go out of your way to compliment and appreciate them in words and deeds. Give them a massage, soak yourselves up in a warm soapy bath, or go for a walk under the blessed stars.

And of course, don’t forget to WRITE DOWN and brainstorm all these ideas in your daily planner in order to plan a Valentine’s day that you and your partner will remember for a long time to come.

4. Don’t skip the reservations

Don’t forget this is among the busiest date nights of the year, so if you are on your way to plan a Valentine’s day, make sure to get a reservation… you certainly don’t want to try to make it special only to end up turned away or having to wait an hour somewhere.

Call and confirm with the host or manager at the restaurant of your choice ahead of time. Have a hard copy of event tickets (instead of a digital one) and try to make it to the planned venue on time for GOOD seats.

Even if you are planning to spend Valentine’s Day at home, plan ahead. Pick up everything you would need to make it special BEFORE the actual day comes. Remember what they say about “a stitch in time”? Yeah – it saves nine!

So, make reservations for venue, seat, and gifts items or for ingredients, materials, or even cleaning, if you plan to enjoy your day at home.

Are you loving this?!

5. Get a memorable gift

The last step in order to plan a Valentine’s day that’s truly MEMORABLE is picking a thoughtful gift for your significant other.

As with any thoughtful gifting, factors such as the people involved, the occasion, and the intentions/message should matter. It is no different with V-Day!

So, a romantic gift like a piece of jewelry might do it… or maybe they’re the more practical type so giving them something they NEED would be appreciated, like a book they have been wanting to read, or a new piece of equipment for an activity they love. The point is that if you decide to buy a gift, make sure you are getting something that shows you put some thought into it, not just buying for the heck of it!

Getting something to mark the occasion is a great way to add some sweet new memories and remember the moment for many years to come.

Final thoughts

Make this Valentine’s Day something you and your loved one will cherish for a long time .. it may seem trivial to some, but having these little moments matter! Putting effort into keeping the love alive will go a long way <3

Remember, it is not about huge price tags or exotic dates. It is about spending time together, getting to know each other, strengthening existing relationships, and making memories. It is all possible with PROPER PLANNING.

In the end, I hope that the five steps above help make your Valentine’s Day dreams happen.


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