How To Build A Cozy & Productive Fall Routine
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How To Build A Cozy & Productive Fall Routine

It’s fall, y’all! The fall season brings a unique set of opportunities to create a daily routine that combines coziness and productivity. I want you to truly make the most of this season, and with the Daily Grind Planner and The Daily Home Candle collections, you can craft the perfect fall routine. Before we dive into the specifics of building the perfect fall routine for you, it's SO important to understand the goals that matter MOST to you and to intentionally prioritize them this season. Do you want to boost productivity, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or simply take advantage of and fully enjoy all the fall things? Pinpointing those goals and making them SUPER clear will help you tailor your fall routine to meet YOUR needs.

After you gain clarity on the goals or habits you want to focus on this month, write them down! With the simple and easy layout of The Daily Grind Planner, it’s SO easy to stay consistent with your fall routine and to prioritize your fall goals by tracking them daily.

I’m sharing what I focus on to create the perfect cozy and productive fall routine for me and I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Tips for Building the Perfect Fall Morning Routine
Fall is a season of transition, and your morning routine can serve as an anchor throughout the changing season. I like to make sure I start my day with a workout and meditation to keep me energized all day long, but adding some coziness with some spooky vibes really makes my morning routine feel different than any other time of year.

By building a cozy and productive morning routine, you’ll see INSANE results in your:

Mood Boost: The first thing I do in the morning is light my “Witches Brew” Not So Scary Candle from The Daily Home to set the vibe for my fall morning routine and to give me that pumpkin spice latte scent I crave for a fall morning boost. 

Productivity Levels: Starting your day with intention and structure can really set the tone for a productive day ahead. I like to kick off my day with a good workout and time for meditation and manifestation to amp up my energy levels and get me focused for what I want for the day ahead. Right after my workout, I like to carve out 5-10 minutes to do my daily planning to jot down my top priorities for the day in my Daily Grind Planner. With the help of my Habit Tracker, I make sure I load my fall morning routine with habits that will help me feel my best all day long. 

Self-Care Prioritization: I think any time is the PERFECT time to practice self-care and embrace feeling good from the inside out. Now that we’re in the latter part of the year, I encourage you to follow my 121 Glow Up Challenge (it’s never too late to start!) to prioritize your self-care. In the 121 Glow Up Challenge, I help you focus on the things that I prioritize from skincare and hydration to movement and habit tracking and if you start now and stay consistent through the end of the year, you’ll head into the new year feeling AMAZING. All you need to do the 121 Glow Up Challenge is COMMITMENT. 

I also make sure I have a good breakfast every morning to keep me fueled. I’ve been loving greek yogurt to get a healthy dose of protein in the morning. Try a fall seasonal flavored greek yogurt or coffee creamer to add some cozy pumpkin spice, apple, or maple flavors to your breakfast. 

Enjoying your Environment: Make the most of this season by incorporating outdoor activities into your routine, such as a brisk walk to start your day to enjoy the fall morning air. Make your workspace or living space cozy and semi-spooky with seasonal decor, candles, and tchotchkes to spice things up for the season!

Tips for Building the Perfect Fall Daily Routine

Don’t let the day get away from you! Hold yourself accountable, practice self-discipline, and make sure you are taking advantage of the time you have for YOU and your fall goals. 

To make sure I stay in control of my fall routine, here are some things I focus on and hold myself accountable to during the busy parts of my day:

Fall Ambiance: I’m all about the fall vibes so I like to put on a fall ambiance video in the background to set the mood and light one of my Not So Scary mid-day candles for a clean apple or pumpkin scent. These candles give me LIFE and totally complete the fall vibe I want while I work, clean, decorate, etc. 

Hydration: One of my goals is to drink 80 oz. of water every day and I make sure that by mid-day, I’m halfway to that goal. Hydration is KEY especially during the changing season and it’s an essential necessity that affects your focus, mood, and energy. Hydrate your life people! 

Structured Task Hours: Now that summer’s over, it's time to get back into a structured routine. The Daily Grind Planner’s “Game Plan” section helps me block out my day, setting specific times for work tasks, meetings, and breaks for self-care. If you need extra help staying focused and disciplined to structured hours, set timers for yourself throughout the day to break up your schedule and provide balance. 

Savor the Season: Don't forget to include seasonal activities in your daily routine. Whether it's visiting a pumpkin patch, going on a walk, shopping for seasonal goodies, or going on a scenic drive to see fall foliage while taking a lunch break, planning these activities in advance ensures you won't miss out on the best of fall.

Stay Organized: Fall often brings increased responsibilities, like holiday planning or preparing for the end of the year. The Daily Grind Planner’s “Don’t Forget” section helps me stay organized and on top of the fall tasks and projects I want to accomplish before the season’s over. 

Tips for Building the Perfect Fall Night Routine

Fall for me means extra cozy evenings! I truly can’t unwind without the relaxing scent of my Night Routine candle with eucalyptus, green clover, and aloe OR the romantic nostalgic vibe of my The Mansion candle from the Not So Scary collection. There’s no better way to unwind from a busy day and make your space extra cozy than with a candle, right?!?

These are what I like to prioritize during my fall evening routines to feel fulfilled, relaxed and cozy. 

Unplug & Unwind: To create a calming evening routine, I like to unplug for a bit to really focus on quality time with family or friends or to just give myself a screen break to focus on me or to work on a creative project to give my brain a rest. 

Not So Scary Movie Nights: Nothing beats watching a Not So Scary movie during this time of year. With snacks and drinks to complete the experience, I’ll love building a spooky fort to take my movie nights up a notch to REALLY enjoy the seasonal vibes.

Self-Care: I love a good tub time moment, so taking a relaxing bath is rejuvenating, allows me to really pause from a busy day, and gives me time to read, reflect and relax. 

Prep for Tomorrow: Before bed, I like to take one final review of my Daily Grind Planner to see what's on the agenda for tomorrow and to track my progress from the day. It’s so satisfying to check off the goals or habits I’ve achieved that day and gets me jazzed to stay motivated and committed to my routine and my goals all season long.

Remember . . . the BEST way to create the perfect fall routine is staying consistent and prioritizing what matters to YOU this season! No matter what you want to accomplish this fall, building a routine that prioritizes YOUR goals, YOUR ambitions, and YOUR wants is all that matters. Whether you love all things spooky or like to indulge in the fall goodies of the season, find ways to incorporate those vibes into your routine. Crafting the perfect fall routine with the help of The Daily Grind Planner and The Daily Home Candle Collections can bring a sense of structure and enjoyment to your fall days. Embrace the unique opportunities that this season offers, and use your planner and candles as a tool to stay organized, productive and cozy. With a well-balanced morning, daily, and night routine, you can make the most of this fall season. 


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