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What’s up you guys! Today, I’m sharing with you how YOU can build the planner of your DREAMS with the tools and accessories that make the Daily Grind Planner. If you’re new around here, I’ve coined the Daily Grind Planner as “the first planner you’ll use from cover to cover” because IT IS! I had tried to find a system that worked for me and my goal setting until I sat down and actually built it out myself. I spent years creating the Daily Grind planning system that has now become a pre-drawn, undated key to unlocking potential and creating positive impact while simplifying goal setting. 

If you’re looking for the planner of your dreams, you’re in the right place! The Daily Grind Planner is the planner for NEED. The Daily Grind Planner was designed with YOU in mind to help you achieve more in less time! With the Daily Grind Planner, I’ve given you a proven system to help you focus on the things that are most important to YOU. The process starts with establishing what you truly want out of life, and continues by creating a DAILY plan for tackling the goals that will eventually lead you to your DREAM LIFE. 

I’m going to walk you through how YOU can make your DREAM PLANNER and use the tools from the Daily Grind planning system to take your planning to the next level and to actually make *ISH happen and crush your DREAM goals. But first, here are the things you’re gonna need!

To get started, you’re going to need a Daily Grind Planner Cover and set of discs. It’s the middle of fall and I’m LOVING our Picnic Vibes cover (with one of my favorite spooky show quotes on the back) and the sage green discs are THE VIBE for this time of year! Our updated discbound binding comes with 10 individual colored discs (every order comes with an extra one just in case!) that snap perfectly into place with your hole–punched Daily Grind covers. Built to last, the Daily Grind Planner cover comes with metal corner protectors and sturdy 35mm discs so you can trust that your Daily Grind cover will withstand your daily grind.


The unique planning system & layout of the Daily Grind Planner is where the REAL value is. Designed to reduce overwhelm and increase focus, a 4-month, undated Daily Grind planning system will help you prioritize and achieve all the goals that matter to YOU. The “guts” or “mama jama” of the planner can come pre-bundled with your Daily Grind discs and cover already OR can be purchased separately as an insert with Daily Grind Planning Sheets whenever you need more planning pages. And what’s great about the “Daily Grind Planner guts” is that your planner pages NEVER go to waste. With the planner pages’ hole-punched spine, you can easily move around, remove, and add pages to your planner in whatever way works best for you!


Speaking of adding pages, we’ve created THREE Planner Inserts that can take your Daily Grind Planner to the NEXT LEVEL! Seriously! Are you a bujo lover, doodling fan, or someone who likes to journal? Our Blank Dot Grid Insert includes 34 dot grid sheets that you can add ANYWHERE in your Daily Grind Planner to truly customize your planner to your liking with freedom to design whatever you want! Looking for a challenge and some structure in your life? Our Habit Tracking Challenge Insert and our Budget Tracking Challenge Insert are the PERFECT planner additions to show you how to track your habits and spending/expenses, how to create the perfect daily routine for you, and how to take control of your finances with a budgeting tool so simple ANYONE can use. I wanted our Daily Grind Planner Inserts to be SUPER helpful, easy to use, and highly effective to really change your life for the better! 


I love to create different sections within my Daily Grind Planner to keep my inserts organized and easy to access. That’s where the Daily Grind Planner Tab Dividers come in handy! With unique designs featuring my favorite quotes and backgrounds, you can add splashes of color to your Daily Grind Planner with a functional accessory that provides purpose too! 

We are constantly thinking about ways to make your Daily Grind Planner more user friendly, and the Daily Grind dividers are a testament to that. With tab dividers, you can easily identify where you’re at in your planner, where insert and tracking pages are, and simply navigate through your planner more easily.

And I LOVE having labels to add to my tab dividers to really customize each one to organize what I need. That’s why I made sure that each tab divider set comes with two customized sticker sheets with different headers tailored to what YOU need for your planner’s organization. 


I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the Daily Grind stickers and washi tape because I’m OBSESSED with them! We put A LOT of time, care and love into designing our stickers to match the vibes of your Daily Grind Planner. From Daily Kits with stickers made to perfectly fit the hand-drawn boxes of your daily pages, to fun and colorful stickers and washi tape for every season, there are so many ways to personalize your Daily Grind Planner to match your style. 


Color coding is SO important to me when it comes to goal setting, mapping out my day, and tracking my progress. Anything that makes my Daily Grind Planner super cute and aesthetically please is *chefs kiss! And our Daily Grind colored pens and dual-tip highlighters are EXACTLY what you need to keep your Daily Grind Planner pages looking colorful and cohesive. I’ve said this before, but I love to color code my goals so that over the course of time, I can easily see how much progress I’ve made on that given goal. And QUALITY pens and highlighters are a must for me! The Daily Grind pens and highlighters DON’T disappoint! 


One of the things I enjoy MOST is having all of my planning goodies with me in one, compact space. And the Daily Grind Planner Cases understood the assignment! This creation is near and dear to my heart and displays a unique Daily Grind exclusive print that’s giving all the nostalgic 90’s vibes with a motivational “Daily Grind” doodle design. Our planner cases have ALL the compartments you need to store your stickers, inserts, writing tools, and planners. You heard me right . . . these planner cases hold MULTIPLE planners and come with travel straps to take all your planning goodies with you wherever you plan!


Here are some tips on how I build my Daily Grind Planner to maximize efficiency while keeping things organized and looking super cute!


When setting up my Daily Grind Planner, I love that you can make it however you want! I really enjoy changing out my cover and discs on a monthly basis or whenever I feel like I need to give my planner a refresh. I love piecing together a different front cover, back cover and interchanging colored discs to make my planner TOTALLY me! That’s the beauty about  the design of the Daily Grind Planner . . . you can make it look however YOU want. 


I’ll take one of the Daily Grind Sheet Inserts and grab ONE MONTH’S worth of pages to fit in my planner at a time. This way, my planner is thin and easy to take with me anywhere without being too bulky. I do the same thing with my Habit Tracking Insert and Budget Tracking Insert pages - I like to pull out the pages I need for one month and then keep the remainder of my pages readily accessible in my planner case. 


No matter what time of year it is, I highly prioritize my morning and night routines. They truly make all the difference in my productivity, energy and self-care. Using my Habit Tracker I can easily build and stick to the BEST routine for me! The Habit Tracker has been SUCH a game changer and I’ve seen SO much progress in my goals since incorporating it into my Daily Grind Planner. Highly recommend! And I have a specific section in my planner with my habit tracking and budget tracking pages so that I can easily flip to those pages and check off my progress every single day.


The Blank Dot Grid Sheets have made a HUGE impact in my Daily Grind Planner lately. With my 121 Glow Up Challenge and my Know Your Worth focus this month, I’ve found many meaningful ways to use my planner’s blank pages to make a world of difference in my day to day. I like to keep these pages in my planner at all times for anytime inspiration strikes!

I hope these tips and tools for how to build the PERFECT Daily Grind Planner that works for YOU inspires you to do the same. Even starting off small with a few pieces or finding a way to use what you have to find the best flow for your planner is all you need! There’s no right or wrong way to set up your Daily Grind Planner . . . that’s what’s so great about its design! You have ALL the power to make it what YOU want and what YOU need. All you need to do is start and you’ll quickly see for yourself how the Daily Grind Planner is the planner of your dreams . . . you just didn’t know it until now!


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