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Now that summer is in full swing, taking time to kick back and relax is at an all time high! Sticking to your goals on vacation can be challenging when you’re surrounded by relaxation and indulgences. BUT with some intentional planning and self-awareness, it’s TOTALLY possible to maintain your motivation and stick to your goals while enjoying your time away. 

Whether you’re embarking on a summer getaway or treating yourself to a stay-cation, take advantage of the time to treat yourself and unwind, but stay invested in yourself and your goals. Sticking to your goals on vacation can be super beneficial in helping you keep healthy, lifelong habits that will help you grow and maintain progress. 

So how do you do it? How do you stick to your goals AND enjoy your vacation? I got you!! Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you to stick to your goals while you’re on vacation, traveling or just taking a summer break!


Before you check out and enter vacation mode, sit down and make time for a planning “sesh” with your Daily Grind Planner to set specific and achievable goals that align with your vacation plans. Be honest with yourself here! Your routine is going to look a little different on vacation than your normal daily life, so set realistic expectations for what goals you want to achieve whether you’re physically away from home or mentally checked out. Ensure your goals are attainable, SUPER specific and actionable while you’re away on vacay! 


Revisiting setting those realistic expectations for yourself, you really wanna make sure that you’re not setting yourself up to be disappointed after your vacation has come and gone. Be kind to yourself and recognize that your vacation will shake up your routine a bit and that’s okay! Vacations are meant to be an escape from the everyday and enjoyed. They aren’t meant to create a burden that awaits you when you return to normalcy. Incorporate your goals and staples to your routine into your vacation plans as much as you can so you stay positive and optimistic about your progress. That way, you’ll know that you fully enjoyed your vacation while still sticking to your goals!  


Pack the items and tools you need to maintain your goal setting habits! The Daily Grind Planner is SUPER travel friendly because of its size and hardcovers. What I love to do, especially when I’m traveling, is change out my Daily Grind discs and covers to match the vibe of my vacation and only fill my planner with the pages I’ll need while I’m away. That way, the planner is a thinner, condensed version but has EVERYTHING I need so I don’t go without! No matter what your goals are, pack the things you need to keep up with them while you’re on vacation. Don’t hesitate to bring them along with you so that you don’t neglect your goals. Packing the essentials can also help you feel more comfortable while away from home by having what you need by your side. 


Vacations are meant for you to relax and take the foot off the gas for a bit. If you work crazy hours or have an overwhelming job, don’t jam pack your vacation days with too many things. Again, this goes back to setting realistic expectations! Prioritize the goals and things you REALLY want to accomplish while on vacation, but don’t overbook yourself to the point where you need a vacation from your vacation.

Keeping that in mind, vacation schedules can look TOTALLY different than your typical daily routine at home. You’ll probably have more time to sleep in in the mornings or to stay up late, and you might have to be flexible with your workout routine and eating schedules. Regardless of what your plans are while on vacation, don’t go to the total extremes! If you typically wake up at 6:00AM, don’t sleep past 9:00AM and lose your entire morning. If you usually eat three meals a day, don’t skip having a meal at lunchtime because you don’t think you need it or lose track of time. Try to adapt your vacation schedule to make sure you have the time to do everything you want, but just remember, don’t sacrifice the important things that keep you on track for the day! This intentionality will keep you from totally throwing yourself off track and will keep you feeling your best self!


Think of how you can use your vacation to your advantage to help you meet your goals in a new and fun way! For instance, if you typically workout at a gym but are taking a beach vacation, complete your morning run on the beach, start up a beach volleyball game with the family, or try a one-time local fitness class to meet new people, try something new and shake up your routine. If one of your goals is to save “X” amount of money this month, know that you’ll probably spend a little more than a usual day while on vacation, so make sure you set up a spending budget for yourself so that you comfortably stick to your goals while still enjoying your trip. Stay flexible when adapting your goals while on vacation so you can keep moving the needle forward on your progress while having fun!


Vacations often lead us to feel tempted to overindulge, whether that’s with food, time or not applying enough SPF in the sun! Hold yourself accountable and practice moderation so that you still indulge but not to an amount that takes you over the edge and no longer able to enjoy the rest of your vacation. The best way to practice moderation and avoid overindulgence is to have a supportive family member or friend who will help support you and keep you accountable while on your vacation. Whether they’re physically with you or are a text or phone call away, have someone you can check in with if you need a motivational pep talk or a friendly reminder to stick to your goals! 


The best way to know you’re actually sticking to your goals while on vacation is to TRACK them! Your Daily Grind Planner has your back here! It’s the perfect travel buddy to help you physically keep track of the goals you’re hitting and accomplishing while on vacation. Sometimes we get a little too comfy on vacation and forget what we do in a day or can’t remember our day to day when we return home and try to recollect how we spent our days. Keep your Daily Grind Planner with you on vacation so you can check in every morning and evening with yourself to know what you did each day and the choices you made that helped you stick to your goals!  


Let’s be real - the vacation guilt can be a real thing! If we TOTALLY take a break from our goals, we can oftentimes return home feeling SUPER guilty that we didn’t keep up with our progress. First and foremost, grant yourself grace! Allow yourself permission to take a break and fully enjoy your vacation. They don’t happen often and you deserve to take the moment to relax and unwind from all your hard work! Life is meant to be enjoyed so there is NO reason to feel guilty of enjoying it to the fullest. If you’re worried about returning home feeling bummed about your choices or disappointed you didn’t stick with your goals, bring your Daily Grind Planner with you and track your goals. That accountability will reassure you that you still checked in with yourself and that you still consciously made the effort to keep your goals in mind while on vacation.


If you’re like me, I love spending time with friends and family but I also need my “me time” to recharge and be my best self. If you’re traveling or are on vacation with other people or a whole group of friends or family, don’t be afraid to vocalize your need for some “me time” to fill your cup. ALSO, if the people you’re on vacation with are choosing to do things that don’t align with your goals, do what’s best for YOU! Stay strong and stick up for yourself and what you want! This is still YOUR vacation. Make sure you’re totally happy with how you’re spending your time and where you’re prioritizing your energy. Don’t be afraid to set healthy boundaries for yourself and your vacation plans.


At the end of the day, you’re on vacation!! This is the PERFECT time to treat yourself for all the hard work and energy you put into daily grind. Everyone deserves time to unplug, unwind and enjoy some relaxation time or the chance to explore and experience wherever your vacation takes you. ENJOY IT! Take it all in, embrace this opportunity to take some time for yourself, and this is a reminder that you’re a ROCKSTAR and you deserve this vacation. Embrace it all!

By implementing these tips and strategies, you will TOTALLY be able to strike a balance between fully enjoying your vacation while staying committed to your goals the whole time. Remember that vacations are the time to recharge, so be sure to make the most of your experience while setting reminders of your goals along the way. Enjoy your relaxation time and maintain focus on your goals to help with your overall well-being, growth and long-term success. 

I hope you guys enjoy yourselves on vacation and that by sharing these tips, you guys have a bit more clarity on how you can stick to your goals no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing this summer! You’ve got this!


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