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We made it to the end of June which means . . . July marks our mid-year checkpoint! January always brings the “new year, new goals” mindset we know and love. But as the spring months and the distractions of summer arise, we find more and more excuses not to keep that goal setting mindset alive and we slip into old patterns or comfortable routines that push our goals to the backburner. 

It’s time to capitalize on this mid-year checkpoint and revamp that “new year” energy all over again to live these next six months with unstoppable momentum. There is still SO much that can be accomplished in the second half of this year. Don’t write 2023 off already! YOU have the power to take control and make *ISH happen! 

So who’s with me? Are you ready to reassess your routine, your mindset and your goal setting habits and hit the refresh button to make your dreams come true? 

Just keep reading to follow these 10 ways you can reassess your goal setting habits and give yourself the mid-year gut check you need to SLAY the rest of 2023. 


Take the time to review how much progress you’ve made so far, whether you’ve been goal setting since the new year or have just recently started your journey. Identify where you may have fallen short but celebrate your latest achievements to better understand what has worked best for you in achieving those goals. No matter where you’re at, ask yourself these questions, “Where are you really?” and “Where do you want to go?” These are just a few examples of the questions that the Daily Grind Planner asks you in the 4 Month Vision page that can help you tackle the rest of this year.


Assess whether your current goals are aligned with your priorities and values. Make sure they hold significant meaning to keep you motivated on your journey ahead. Evaluate which goals you’ve kept so far that you haven’t achieved yet and determine how you can better prioritize them moving forward. ALSO, determine if there are any new goals you want to set since your last assessment and see how they can become motivators for you. 


Take a second to reflect on where your motivation levels are at. Are you excited about your goals? Are you stressed or overwhelmed? Are you disappointed about your progress OR have you proved to yourself that your hard work pays off and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to? Whatever you’re feeling right now, WRITE IT DOWN! This will help you in your reflection AND be a reminder of the change you’re hungry for and the proof that YOU have had the power all along. 


With the Daily Grind Planner, you can easily map out your day by time blocking your “to dos” so that you make sure you allot time to the things most important to you. If you find that time is escaping you or that there aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done, analyze how much time you spend on your daily tasks. Consider starting that early morning routine you’ve been thinking about and give yourself a couple extra minutes or hours in the morning to get a workout in, read, take some self-care time, or tackle goals you’ve been procrastinating on. Utilize your work commute to listen to podcasts on how to open up that small business you’ve been dreaming of or how to better financially save for your goals. Meal plan on Sundays so that you have healthier options to grab during your busy weekdays. There is ALWAYS wiggle room in your schedule to make the time for the things that matter the MOST to you. Get creative and get going on making your goals a priority in your schedule. 


It is SO important to make sure your needle movers take priority when mapping out your daily goals. By narrowing down just a few goals that you MUST tackle before the day is up will keep you on track and get you even closer to your achievements. Again, these are your non-negotiables, meaning NOTHING should keep you from carving time in your day to make these happen. The Daily Grind Planner provides a simple and effective way to zone in and focus on moving the needle forward on three goals rather than looking at the big picture and feeling overwhelmed. Remember, progress is greater than perfection! Any progress is still moving that needle forward and getting you closer to completing your goals. 


Stay open to new ideas and new mindsets when reassessing your goals. Sometimes if we’re laser focused on something, we shut out cool opportunities and experiences that might aid us in getting closer to our goals. For instance, if one of your goals is to exercise 4 times a week and you’ve pigeonholed yourself into just running on the elliptical, you might see a plateau in your training or feel like your exercise routine has become monotonous. If this is you, you’re probably not enjoying the goal you’ve set for yourself. TRY SOMETHING NEW! Take the opportunity to shake things up and take a yoga class or follow along with a pilates YouTube video. Add some dumbbell lifting to your routine to gain some muscle or take your cardio session outside to enjoy some fresh air. If you’re not having fun or enjoying the process while working on your goals, you’re probably less likely to stick with them in the long run. Make sure you enjoy the journey, have fun, and get excited by your goals! 


Ever hit a roadblock that sets you WAY off track on your goals? Don’t just sweep it under the rug. Acknowledge it and address what’s keeping you from focusing on YOU. Life can easily get chaotic and overwhelming, so when unexpected moments arise that send goal setting into a tizzy, that’s normal. Life happens, and it’s okay to take a pause and then jump back in when the time is right. But if you’re allowing obstacles to continue to get in the way of your happiness and your progress - GUT CHECK MOMENT - ask yourself why? It’s a hard question, but face it head on so that you take control. Don’t let excuses get in the way of your happiness. You have the power to take hold of the reins and wipe out all those obstacles in your path! 


We’re all guilty of letting distractions get in the way. Whether it’s doom scrolling on social media and losing track of time, or telling yourself “I’ll get to it tomorrow” again and again and again. Distractions can really rob us of our time, focus and attention on making progress with goal setting. Practice some tough love and self discipline to hold yourself accountable and don’t let distractions get the best of you. If you want to spend less time on your screens, set your phone across the room or put it on “do not disturb” after a certain hour. If you want to cut back on your snacking habits, portion your favorite snacks into individual serving bags so you enjoy them in moderation and don’t lose track of how many times you reach into the bag watching your favorite TV show. Set a timer for yourself when doing chores so that you’re less likely to waste so much time getting them done while getting distracted here and there. Find different ways to manage your distractions so that they don’t get in your way as easily. 


Although it’s halfway through the year and we’re heading into a new month, you might still say to yourself, “Maybe next year,” or “I’ll look into it after summer’s over,” but why are you taking more time away from achieving your BIGGEST goals? Again, progress over perfection you guys! There’s never a perfect time to do anything, but the BEST thing you can do is to START! Give yourself permission to prioritize YOU, focus on your goals, and allow yourself to feel worthy of achieving your wildest dreams NOW. Empower yourself to take the first step, take that leap of faith, and hit the ground running on putting yourself and your goals first! 


We cannot recommend being part of the Daily Grind community enough! This group of INCREDIBLE go-getters uplift each other, hold each other accountable, and genuinely want the best for one another in achieving their BIGGEST goals. Make sure your circle of people support you in the same way! Your environment and the people in it play a huge part in how well you stick to your goals. Finding people to support you in your endeavors makes the journey even more enjoyable and your achievements even more possible. Consider finding an accountability partner or connect with others who motivate you and keep your eye on the prize. 

Remember, it’s NEVER too late to start goal setting and it’s TOTALLY okay to reassess your habits to find what works best for you. Make sure your goals are super specific, even if they’re pie in the sky goals! Be open to change, adjust when needed, stay open minded yet committed to your growth and watch how much you’ll achieve in these next few months. 

Don’t let this year pass you by! Embrace this opportunity - all you have to do is START! 


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