Clip-in Daily Grind Planner Cover | Lover

Regular price $24.97

Introducing our "Lover" cover from the new Gal Squad Collection.

✔️Fits perfectly into your existing discbound Daily Grind Planner
✔️7.75” x 10.25” Hardcover
✔️Corner protectors for front & back covers
✔️Includes 11 custom printed discs (35mm)
✔️Durable hard plastic spine
✔️New 30 Day challenges on the inside of the front & back covers

Transform your daily planning routine with our "Lover" cover from the Gal Squad Collection. This hardcover, discbound cover fits perfectly into your existing planner, with added corner protectors for durability. Plus, enjoy 30 day challenges inside the front and back covers for added motivation. Upgrade your planner game today!
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Clip-in Daily Grind Planner Cover | Lover
Clip-in Daily Grind Planner Cover | Lover
Regular price $24.97

These covers were made to keep your planner looking fresh, and feeling like a new addition to your life every day. The front & back covers will easily clip into your existing Daily Grind Planner through the versatile discbound system recently integrated into our planner. The durable plastic spine will ensure you can take the cover on & off at will without damaging your discs, or your covers.

REMINDER: This does not include the planner contents, so ensure that you have a Daily Grind System Insert in order to enjoy these planner covers.

Colors may be slightly different than pictured based on the brightness and tone of each individual's device. Some photos have been digitally enhanced to better show the print.

The "Magical Motivator" Clip-in Planner Covers are currently being re-stocked. Any order placed for this item after April 22, 2024 will be shipped out by May 15, 2024.

If your order does not contain a seasonal or pre-ordered item, your items will ship within 48 business hours from the time you placed your order.

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Seasonal Clip-In Planner Covers

Limited edition designs

Improved Durability

Made for your disc-bound Daily Grind Planner

Bonus Matching Spiral Discs

With corner protectors

To give your planner a totally new theme

Made for your Disc-bound Daily Grind Planner

Unique Cover Art

To brighten up your planning routine

New Bonus Challenges

On the inside of the front & back covers

The 'Gal Squad' Collection

Revitalize your planner experience without breaking the bank!

At the Daily Grind, we understand the importance of a lively planner to keep you motivated. Unveiling our latest collection – introducing the Daily Grind's Galentines themed planner covers from the 'Gal Squad' Collection! Embrace the season with these captivating designs for the next few months. Elevate your planner by swapping out standard discs for our exclusive Daily Grind custom printed discs. Select a new cover that radiates love for the life you're building. Transform your planner, and voilà! You've just given your Daily Grind planner a refreshing makeover and a perfect fresh start!

Embrace your love for exclusivity with the Daily Grind!

We're passionate about owning unique items that set us apart. As dedicated collectors, we're thrilled to infuse this spirit into the essence of the Daily Grind brand. If you share our passion for collecting, indulge in the allure of a seasonal Daily Grind cover today—act fast before they're gone! Don't miss out on adding an exclusive touch to your planning collection.

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How do you take the planner apart to use the seasonal covers?

Do the clip-in planner covers come with discs?

What material are the covers & discs made of?

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